Pricing – How Much Does Cost in 2024?

photo of Justyna Waciega Pricing - cover photo is a renowned sales engagement platform that can help you get new customers through AI-powered sales outreach and email automation. But if you already have dozens of other apps in your tool stack, do you need to spend cash on too?

Today, we find out how much this tool costs and what kind of features you can expect in each of its plans. business plans

First things first, has two pricing tiers. One is for regular businesses and one for agencies, which we’ll talk about in a second. And to make things even more complicated, the business tier is split into four different plans, each with its own features.

You can get the Starter and Professional plans on a monthly and annual basis, where the monthly plan costs a bit more. The most expensive, Ultimate plan can only be purchased with an annual subscription. pricing - business plans

But don’t worry, we’ll help you decipher pricing so you can learn how much you’ll pay for your teams.


In the free plan, your teams don’t actually get to send any emails. However, you do get the option of creating them. The AI sequence generator is included and you get 200 data search credits.

You can build sequences, set basic data filters and reveal bulk data for up to 25 prospects. You get the lead search option through the Google Chrome browser extension and unlimited data export to CSV.

While it is great that there is a free plan, it is very limited in features and you can use it just to find emails. To schedule and send out emails, you have to get a separate tool – or upgrade to one of the paid plans.


The Starter plan costs $49 per user per month when billed annually. If you want to pay monthly, the price is $59 per month.

In this plan, you get email automation features and one mailbox you can use to send out emails to every contact on your list. You get 5,000 data search credits for finding new leads, as well as 50 AI credits for email creation.

On top of that, you get email warm-up services, which help your new mailbox get off the ground more quickly so you can send emails without landing in the spam folder. However, there are no email deliverability features, which can get you flagged as spam and result in high bounce rates and lower sender reputation.

Some of the features you get for emails include open, click and reply tracking, and basic email reports for each user. For data credits, gives you advanced data filters. If you want to connect to a CRM, you can do it for Hubspot and Pipedrive in this plan, as well as other apps through Zapier.


The Professional plan is $89 per month when billed annually, or $99 per month if you pay monthly. It has everything in the Starter plan along with some extra features and benefits.

Instead of email automation, you get multichannel automation, letting you schedule messages across LinkedIn, cloud calls, and SMS. Instead of one email inbox for outreach, you get two mailboxes per user. There are 1,000 search credits and 50 AI credits.

As for the extra features, you get task lists, allowing you to manage your sales team and assign them tasks. The meeting scheduler lets you book meetings directly from and you can set triggers and actions in your emails too.

For example, when someone replies to an email, you can set up a trigger for the notification to go to your sales team so that they can reach out to them via phone.

You get advanced reports and team permissions, which allows for advanced security – not everyone can access the same features. There are over 100 integrations available, including the one for Salesforce.


The Ultimate plan costs $139 per month when paid annually, and you cannot get a monthly plan. This pricing scheme means that if you want the most advanced plan, you have to set aside $1,668 in advance. If you want to test out, we suggest starting off with a lower pricing plan first.

In this plan, you get 15 mailboxes per user and 30,000 data search credits, as well as 1,000 AI credits.

As for the extra features, gives you a dedicated customer support manager with priority support. Deliverability services are included in this plan, as well as SSO and high-volume API. You can also sleep safe and sound because you’re SOC II compliant.

Compared to other sales engagement tools, the Ultimate plan costs quite a bit while offering limited features.

The Agency plan

If you have an agency that needs a reliable sales engagement tool and the standard business offering just does not cut it, offers its customers an agency plan that starts at $166 per month.

The Agency plan

In the Agency plan, you get unlimited users and clients, sequences, warm-up services and all that with a custom, flexible pricing plan. But all of this is available in the other plans, which is why there are features especially for teams in agencies.

Besides multichannel outreach, you also get centralized multi-tenant account management, allowing you to do outreach for multiple clients at once, from different main inboxes. You get agency reporting and dashboards, white-labeled for the end-user. Roles and permission sets make it easy to determine who in your team does which part of the outreach. matches senders and recipients, which coupled with AI creation, eliminates room for error and speeds up campaign and sequence creation. The calendar integration comes in handy if you want to book meetings for your clients.

The biggest advantage of the Agency plan is the multi-tenant dashboard coupled with the custom reports you can send out to clients.

Reply Unlimited

If you have a business with large sales operations and the standard offers are just too… Limited for you, then the Reply Unlimited plan can fix that. It’s priced at $166 per month as the starting amount and scales up depending on your needs.

Reply Unlimited

Here is what you get for every user in the Unlimited plan:

  • unlimited sales sequences
  • unlimited email warm-up seats for new campaigns and addresses
  • unlimited email inboxes
  • anti-spam and email deliverability features
  • a unified inbox so your team can collaborate on sales engagement campaigns

There are many benefits to having unlimited everything, but that begs the question – what are the limits?

There is no official information on the website, but we can assume that the pricing goes up with each new user. In other words, all the features may be unlimited, but the more users you have, the higher the pricing.

In any case, $166 is merely the starting price and to get a full quote for your team per month, you need to talk to sales.

The main difference between this and the Agency plan is that Unlimited is built for one team only, so you don’t get the reports and the multitude of inboxes for different accounts.

Is pricing worth it?

If you review all the pricing plans, you’ll see that there is a plan for a business of every shape and size. But if you take a look at just about any review online, you’ll see that there are more limits than meet the eye.

Many users complain that although has a vast number of features, getting to learn how to use them all is pretty difficult for beginners. But that’s an issue that be resolved easily over time for most teams.

The bigger problem is the email organization because Reply forces you to use a large number of tags and labels. For the less experienced user, this can be pretty confusing. If you want to customize emails for each contact, the options are pretty limited in this tool.

Then there is the issue of deliverability – the fact that the advanced deliverability features come only in the most expensive plan. You also need to understand that most other tools offer email verification, which does not.

In other words, it can read the data and find the emails you’re looking for, but it cannot verify that those emails exist. While email verification services typically don’t have high pricing, the user could have this in the app instead of going the third party route.

The better alternative for cold email outreach

Want to send cold emails at affordable pricing, with great automation features and superior deliverability? Woodpecker is the alternative you’re looking for.

Woodpecker pricing starts at $29 per month, which lets you reach out to 500 contacts while storing 2,000 contacts in total. You get unlimited team members and accounts, as well as free email verification for your account.

Inbox rotation and sending volume monitor ensure that you don’t look suspicious and have your emails land in the spam folder. You can also create condition-based campaigns, run split tests for your outgoing cold emails, as well as get an AI email assistant for faster email creation.

The bottom line is: that Woodpecker is significantly cheaper than, easier to use and comes with advanced deliverability features that only come in the most expansive Reply plan.

And the best part is, Woodpecker has a free trial you can use and see why we’re not only cheaper, but also better than in real-world use cases.

Get your free trial today!