Leadfinder for Email Outreach – 2024 Review (+ Top Alternatives)

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In 2024, cold outreach is still an incredibly effective way to close new deals and reach your target audience at a low cost. But everyone knows that to start doing cold emails, you need the contact details of your potential customers. This is where a lead finder tool comes in.

This tool helps you find the business email addresses and phone numbers of your qualified leads so you can get started with closing deals. Lead Finder is one of the top tools for finding these business emails and today, we take a good look at it — what’s good and bad, and which tools are better for reaching out to ideal prospects.

What is Lead Finder?

Lead Finder is a tool that allows you to find the contact details of your ideal prospects and build a lead list for future outreach. It can help you find email addresses, phone numbers, the company name of a prospect, location, industry and much more to enrich your data in your CRM or build a list of leads from scratch.

Lead Finder

There are many ways you can use this tool. You can feed it social media profiles with links from networks like LinkedIn and have Lead Finder provide you with the contact details of your leads, saving you from an extensive search.

If you know the name, industry, and company name of the person you want to find, you can type those out and have Lead Finder provide you with the business contact details of your ideal prospects.

There is also a featured for daily registered new domains – which is essentially a list of new businesses that created a website, every day. Lead Finder gives you the URL to that website along with all the other business details, helping you reach those prospects quicker than anybody else.

Simply download that list of prospects in CSV file and start reaching out with your favorite cold email tool to unlock more revenue.

Lead Finder reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many reviews out there on the accuracy of the technology behind Lead Finder. The fact that the tool has the same name as another business called Leadfinder (with a different website) makes things even more complicated.

To find out if this tool can generate leads for your business database with accuracy, we suggest signing up for a free trial to discover for yourself if it has what it promises.

Lead Finder pricing

The cost of Lead Finder depends on how many users you want to add to the tool. There is a free plan for one user that gives you 200 lead enrichment credits, 30 company exports (company name and employee names and other data), 100 exports for local businesses, and 300 credits for social media networks like LinkedIn.

Paid plans start at $49 per month, which gives you two user seats. It also unlocks 2,000 enrichment credits, 2,000 B2B contacts from social media, and much more. The most expensive plan is $99 per month and offers unlimited users.

The free plan is more than enough to help you get a taste of Lead Finder’s accuracy and depth of their contact base.

Top Lead Finder alternatives for finding and reaching out to a business email address

Whether you want to find leads only or reach out to them via email, there are plenty of options out there to help you build a database of potential customers. Here are some of the top ones you should consider.



Woodpecker might not help you generate leads from scratch, find new contacts, or enrich them, but it can help you get revenue out of your database, by using cold email.

The tool helps you set up everything you need to focus on cold email. First, we do an inbox warmup, preparing your domain to send out emails. Then Woodpecker verifies each email, ensuring that it’s a legitimate lead that exists and is safe to contact.

You can easily create campaigns and automate follow-ups so that you reach all of the prospects in your database without spending time writing emails manually. You also get the ability to determine what happens when someone opens an email or replies to it.

There are detailed analytics so you can discover what works on your prospects and which emails should be discarded. Woodpecker also integrates with your favorites CRMs and email marketing tools, helping you plug your database and easily connect with prospects.

Woodpecker starts at $29 per month, which lets you connect with 500 prospects every month. However, you can get started with a free trial today!


Apollo - a Leadfinder's alternative

Apollo is a full-scale sales engagement, intelligence, and prospecting tool for busy sales teams. Like Lead Finder, it lets you find leads or enrich your database of prospects with new details such as location, industry, and more.

It comes with lead scoring, so you immediately know which prospects are worth reaching out to. The Chrome extension lets you contact leads through Gmail or LinkedIn with a single click right from your browser.

It has a great search function and strong integrations with popular CRMs, helping you harness the latest sales technologies. On the flip side, the customer support is far from ideal, and the pricing could be better for smaller teams.

Speaking of which, pricing starts at $49 per month and a free plan is also available.



Amplemarket is an AI-powered sales engagement platform, letting you make the most out of the artificial intelligence technology, whether you run an agency or a sales department in a business.

You get a sold lead generation database with accurate details on your leads, and you can reach out to them using this data immediately from Amplemarket. It supports multi-channel sales flows across platforms like email and LinkedIn and comes with detailed analytics for all outreach. Also, there is an outbound dialer for phone communication.

The downside is that the rich feature set is not that easy to grasp for new users. Mastering every feature and process is going to take a lot of time, and onboarding is not the greatest.

The biggest gripe with Amplemarket? The pricing is not transparent and you have to reach out to get a quote.

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is a multichannel sales engagement platform, letting agencies and businesses do outreach on LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. It helps with lead enrichment and generating lead lists from scratch, as well as creating multichannel outreach campaigns.

You get lead management and tracking features, detailed analytics and reporting, as well as integrations with the most popular CRMs of today.

When it comes to cons, you only get the best customization options in the most expensive plan. There is no Chrome extension for LinkedIn or email. Most worryingly, though, you don’t get one dashboard for all your campaigns and users.

Prices start at 50EUR per month, and a free trial is available for 14 days.


With Woodpecker, you can save time and money by creating highly targeted, personalized campaigns and turning those business emails into new clients for your company.

Grab your free trial today!