Findymail: Is It Good for Email Marketing? [5 Top Competitiors]

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Looking for the best email tool in digital marketing? Findymail does the job by finding and verifying emails, but is it all you need?

At some point, you might want a more robust tool.

There are many steps in email marketing. Finding and verifying are some of them, but what about sending, managing contacts, analyzing performance, and more?

Discover Findymail and its 5 top competitors to find the perfect tool for your email needs.

What is Findymail?

Findymail is an email finder and verifier, handy for sales outreach. It helps automate the manual export work as well.

Findymail - a tool for getting email addresses verified

Findymail: Most praised features

See if your must-haves are on this list.

Automated export with data cleaning and email enrichment

Automated export ensures marketers receive clean, enriched data from LinkedIn. It’s a boost for data quality for campaigns.

Charged for valid emails, not credits

Fair pricing makes a difference. You pay only for emails that work – every dollar counts towards reaching valid contacts.

Includes Sales Navigator Scraper

The Sales Navigator feature integrates with LinkedIn for deeper insights and improves lead quality.

Integrates with other tools, including Woodpecker

You can add Findymail to your existing toolkit. Is there any app you want to connect with Findymail? Use API for it or check the native integrations. For example, you can link with Woodpecker in a snap to streamline your workflow.

Compatible with CRM platforms

Keep everything in sync. Compatibility with CRM platforms means smoother sales processes and data management, all in one place.

Chrome extension (for finding email addresses directly from Linkedin)

The Chrome extension acts as a direct line to LinkedIn, and serves up accurate emails without the hunt. Finding emails may be fast and easy.

Looks nice and sounds promising. However, the tool has its limitations. Users have reported the following aspects most often. ⬇️

Most reported features

  • A steep learning curve,
  • Challenging initial setup and navigation,
  • Limitations in integrating with other tools,
  • Hinders seamless flow of productivity ecosystem,
  • Accuracy can be improved,
  • Tricky to use with Chrome at first,
  • The team member limit of 10, even on the highest plan,
  • Pricey,
  • Expected more capabilities for the price.


💵 There are three plans starting at $49/month, so it’s rather on the pricey side compared to other alternatives. You can try it out by verifying 10 email addresses for free, though.


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#1 Woodpecker

It’s a tool that shines for those wanting to stand out with cold emailing. Woodpecker is great for agencies handling email campaigns for various clients as it lets you manage all clients in one place.

It also works well for teams and individuals across different industries who want to improve their cold outreach. Woodpecker supports creating personalized campaigns that really speak to people.

Woodpecker website - an alternative to Findymail

👱 Users say that:

  • It saves hours of management time.
  • The warm-up feature helps recover from deliverability issues – your emails reach the inbox.
  • You can monitor your email deliverability constantly and spot problems early.
  • White-label client reports may enhance branding, providing insights to clients with ease.
  • It’s easy to integrate Woodpecker with your existing tools. Smooth campaign operations ensured.
  • Users appreciate that the tool can verify email lists.
  • A/B testing helps to refine your strategies and improve campaign outcomes.
  • It’s great for personalizing outreach with condition-based campaigns.
  • There are unlimited follow-ups and team members. Extra help without extra cost.


💵 Regarding pricing, it starts at $29/month for connecting with up to 500 people. Woodpecker is known for its flexibility, as it offers a 7-day free trial and does not charge extra as you add more team members.

#2 Overloop

Overloop is a tool for sales teams to help them reach out to new people. They can send emails, LinkedIn messages, and make phone calls.

It is good at handling many emails and messages at once, finding email addresses, and organizing leads. It also helps teams plan their work and track what happens with the emails they send.

Overloop homepage - an alternative to Findymail

👱 Users say that:

  • It does not handle big projects well.
  • Sometimes it has problems and does not work fast.
  • The tool does not always tell correctly when emails do not reach their destination.
  • Connecting it with other software, like Salesforce, might not work right.
  • It costs more than similar tools.
  • But, it is easy to start using, has many helpful features, and usually works well, even though it can be slow.


💵 The cost starts at $49/seat/month. There is no option to try it for free before buying.

#3 La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is a tool that helps with finding new customers by using emails, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

It finds detailed information about leads, sets up automatic messages, keeps track of leads, and shows detailed reports. It can also work with other business tools.

La Growth Machine - homepage

👱 Users say that:

  • You need to pay a lot to make your own workflows.
  • It is hard to see all campaign and team details in one place.
  • There is no tool to make things easier from your internet browser.
  • It works well with business tools to send information to La Growth Machine, but not as well in the other direction.
  • It costs a lot for many people.


💵 The price begins at €50/month. You can try it for free for 14 days.

#4 Salesblink

Salesblink is a tool with AI that helps you send many cold emails easily to set up more meetings.

It can write email sequences, warm up your email inbox, and even help schedule meetings. On top of that, it shows detailed reports on how the emails are doing.

Salesblink - an alternative to Findymail

👱 Users say that:

  • The email list for businesses is not up-to-date and missing information.
  • Starting to use the tool can be hard, and learning all its features takes time.
  • While the AI and features are well-liked, there are problems with scheduling.
  • Using their email list might lead to problems because it is not always right.


💵 Pricing starts at $25/month, and there is a 7-day free trial.

#5 Klenty

Klenty is designed to help with sending cold emails and managing responses.

It connects easily with CRM software, keeps track of follow-ups, has a simple design, and automates much of the sales work. It also has a special inbox for all your channels.

Klenty - an alternative to Findymail

👱 Users say that:

  • The design feels old, and it’s not as smooth as other tools.
  • You can’t fully automate messages or calls.
  • Each salesperson needs their own account, which adds to the cost.
  • It lacks features like LinkedIn automation, AI for replies, searching for new leads, and can be more expensive due to needing separate accounts.
  • You can’t automate all messaging or call tasks.


💵 The pricing is set in bundles, with the cheapest for sales engagement at $50/seat/month. Only the most expensive plan doesn’t offer a free trial.


Findymail works well, but as your business expands, you might need something more powerful. For growing needs, consider switching to a more robust tool. Which one to choose?

Woodpecker could be the ultimate tool for your email marketing efforts.

Maximize your cold outreach, and save time and money with Woodpecker! Sign up and grab a free trial today.


What is data cleaning and why is it important for email campaigns?

Data cleaning involves removing or correcting inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data from your database. It is crucial for email campaigns because it ensures that you are using valid emails, which increases deliverability and improves engagement rates.

How can sales teams spend more time closing deals and less time on data entry?

Sales teams can spend more time closing deals by using tools like instant data scraper and Findymail. These tools automate the collection and verification of prospect data, allowing sales teams to focus on engaging with potential customers and closing deals.

What are the benefits of using Sales Navigator for prospecting?

Sales Navigator, a LinkedIn tool, offers advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and insights into prospect activities. It helps sales professionals find and engage with their ideal prospects, making it one of the favorite prospecting platforms for B2B email campaigns.

How can a CSV file be used in cold emailing?

A CSV file can be used in cold emailing by importing prospect data, such as email addresses and company details, into email marketing software. This allows for bulk emailing and personalized messaging, which are essential for effective cold emailing campaigns.

What role does an email finder play in generating verified emails?

An email finder helps in generating verified emails by searching for and validating email addresses associated with prospects. This tool ensures that the email addresses are correct and active, reducing bounce rates and improving the success of email campaigns.

How can Findymail help in improving email campaign effectiveness?

Findymail improves email campaign effectiveness by providing accurate and verified email addresses, saving time on manual data entry, and integrating with favorite prospecting platforms like Sales Navigator. This allows for more efficient targeting and higher engagement rates.

Why is verifying email addresses important in B2B email marketing?

Verifying email addresses is important in B2B email marketing because it ensures that your messages reach real, active accounts. This reduces the risk of emails being marked as spam, improves deliverability, and increases the chances of converting prospects into customers.

How can software tools like instant data scraper enhance prospecting efforts?

Software tools like instant data scraper enhance prospecting efforts by automating the extraction of prospect data from various sources, including websites and LinkedIn. This provides sales teams with accurate and up-to-date information, allowing for more effective outreach and engagement.

What is the significance of having valid emails in your prospecting database?

Having valid emails in your prospecting database is significant because it ensures that your email campaigns are reaching the intended recipients. Valid emails lead to higher open and response rates, which are crucial for successful prospecting and sales efforts.

How does using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Findymail together benefit sales teams?

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Findymail together benefits sales teams by combining powerful prospecting and data verification capabilities. Sales Navigator helps identify potential leads, while Findymail ensures that the email addresses are verified and ready for outreach. This synergy allows sales teams to focus on engaging with high-quality prospects and closing deals more efficiently.