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How to Check the Technical Settings of a Client Account

If your email doesn’t reach the inbox of the recipient, your campaign will be doomed to fail. No prospect will interact with your content, no matter how great it is. That’s why you need to check three essential technical settings before scheduling the first shipment.

How to Carry Out a Client Website Audit for Cold Emailing

A cold outreach campaign is all about reaching out to people who have never heard of your client’s brand. They have no idea who you are, and you can bet that they’re not happy to see yet another sales email in their inbox (to put it mildly).

How Can Agencies Create Content for Successful Outreach Campaigns?

In a cold email campaign, you only get one shot to engage the prospect. And you can make the first impression only once. How you do that determines the success of your entire interaction. 

How to Structure Your Client Reporting Process

Suppose you launched an email campaign, sent out 300 messages, and got 100 positive responses. Throughout the campaign, you haven’t scheduled any reporting calls with the client but agreed to meet at the end to discuss the results. 

How to Onboard a New Client Efficiently

You can’t skip the client onboarding process, and the way you carry it out will reflect on the entire collaboration.  It goes without saying that the onboarding process needs to be fast and efficient. You better make sure that it delivers a great experience to your clients and helps you build a shared understanding of the campaign’s target and expectations. 

How Do You Generate Recruitment Leads?

As a recruiter, you know that the only way to get the attention of potential applicants is to stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy, but with the right tools at your hand, you can generate recruitment leads through outreach via email.

How to start a lead generation business

How Do You Start a Lead Generation Business?

You’ve been handling leads either as a sales rep or marketer in a full-time position for a couple of years - at least. You know many tricks of the trade, but you’ve never done it on your own before. Or maybe you have, but not at scale.

Recruitment Agencies: How to Follow up After a Job Interview?

As a middle-man handling the communication between employers and candidates you’ve got a lot on your plate. There’s identifying the traits of a perfect candidate for a position, reaching out, and keeping track of who’s where in the recruitment process… Would you like to make it easier? See how to communicate with candidates and employers after an interview.