How Can Agencies Create Content for Successful Outreach Campaigns?

In a cold email campaign, you only get one shot to engage the prospect. And you can make the first impression only once. How you do that determines the success of your entire interaction.

How can you as an outreach agency write emails that support the goals of your campaign? Keep reading to find out.

4 things to do before writing email content

1. Check the previous campaigns or emails

Has your client sent any emails to prospects already? If so, ask for some samples – they’ll give you a good idea of the kind of style and level of formality they’re looking for. You’ll also get all the details that your client expects to see in the content you create.

Keeping the same style and tone of voice is important for maintaining brand coherence.

2. Establish the style of communication

The level of formality can make or break a campaign. While some industries favor a high level of formality, in others, the same expressions may sound odd and out of place.

If your client operates in a sector where communications tend to be informal, sending out a formal email jeopardizes the success of your campaign.

3. Clarify the Unique Value Proposition

When reaching out to prospects, your client might want to present their offering as broadly as possible. The rationale behind this is usually to try to address every single need a potential prospect may have.

But narrowing the UVP down and focusing on a particular solution is much more effective. Your job is to understand which parts of the client’s offering are the best match for their prospect base.

It doesn’t make sense to market an e-commerce solution to decision-makers in HR departments. You should also avoid sending a massive list of technologies your client works with. Nobody has time to read that.

Make sure to clarify the value proposition, stating what problem the client’s offering helps to solve. Back up your claims with case studies that add credibility and motivate prospects to get in touch.

4. Define the target audience

It’s essential that you learn as much as possible about the campaign’s target audience. Who is the customer your client usually talks to? Who is the decision-maker in the sales funnel?

Go ahead and ask your client for this type of information. They can share a few customer websites to help you understand the language prospects use to talk about their unique pain points.

Wrap up

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to writing clear emails that deliver the message and engage prospects. And if you need more pointers, check out this guide: How to Write a Cold Email That Actually Works in 6 Steps>>