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AIDA email example

Subject: You have access for one week

Every accountant will tell you that it's easily the most time-consuming part of their job when it's time to complete monthly reports. Just think of the extra hours of work and the potential for costly errors. How much extra is {{COMPANY}} spending just to process this mountain of paperwork every month?

Every accountant will tell you that it’s easily the most time-consuming part of their job when it’s time to complete monthly reports. Just think of the extra hours of work and the potential for costly errors. How much extra is {company} spending just to process this mountain of paperwork every month?

Before-After-Birdge email 1

Subject: If customers can't see you, they can't buy from you!

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I'm writing to let you know that I just checked the domain authority score for your website and the results aren't good.

With higher domain authority, you would be found more easily and rank higher in Google search terms results. That means a lot more traffic for your site, more page views, leads and conversions. I'll just say it – in online retail, it's like you're not even there if customers can't find you.

Problem Agitation Solution email 1

Subject: Team building that really works!

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, When you say “Team integration activity”, are your employees happy or do they suddenly start remembering that they all have a dentist appointment on that day?

Too many employees see these events as a waste of time, boring or worse. This is unfortunate because studies repeatedly show that teams that are well integrated are more productive, have lower turnover, fewer absences and overall better results. So how are you dealing with less productivity, higher turnover, more absences and inferior results?

Email frameworks

The Cold Email Frameworks category within our template directory gets into the foundational strategies of cold emailing, leveraging popular email structures to engage and convert your prospects. These templates are constructed around powerful formats such as PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution), the Before-After Bridge, AIDA, and the 4T format, ensuring your outreach stands out.

Templates built on the PAS format highlight a specific issue or pain point the recipient might be experiencing. By amplifying this problem and then presenting your solution, they efficiently navigate the prospect's emotional journey. The Before-After Bridge format templates, on the other hand, paint a vivid contrast between the current scenario and the potential improvements with your offering, bridging the gap with enticing benefits.

Templates employing the AIDA format capture immediate attention, kindle interest, craft a strong desire, and finally push for actionable steps. While those built around the 4T format establish a universally acknowledged truth, weave a relevant story, transition towards your solution, and pave the way for a constructive conversation.

In this category, the templates use a blend of strategic positioning, persuasive language, and clear value articulation. They underscore the distinct advantages, features, and potential of your product or service in addressing specific needs or challenges. Whether it's to set up a meeting, provide feedback, or explore a collaboration, these frameworks-centric cold email templates prioritize clarity, relevance, and engagement. They are crafted to not only capture attention but also to ensure your message resonates, compelling the recipient towards the desired action.

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Browse templates from the categories on the left, choose one you like, and customize it in the editor. And that’s it! Copy the text to your clipboard or send it via email.

What industries do the templates cover?

We have cold email templates for sales, marketing, recruitment, real estate, and networking. We also included templates for follow-ups.

Can I customize the templates?

Of course – and you should! You can customize them directly on the website. Just click on the section you want to change and enter your text. Click "Confirm" to save your changes. Your changes will remain saved as long as you don't refresh the page.

Can you guarantee these templates will work?

We prepared our templates based on years of experience we have in cold outreach, and we've added tips to sections to shed more light on the best practices for cold emails. We can't guarantee the success of your campaign, though, as email copy is only one piece of the puzzle. It also depends on other factors like the quality of your prospect base, your technical settings, and many more.