Klenty Pricing in 2024 – Plans and Features

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For overwhelmed sales reps juggling a menagerie of point solutions, the promise of an “all-in-one” platform is tantalizing. Klenty makes a bold claim to consolidate tools for engagement, intelligence, prospecting, and more into a unified workspace.

The potential upside is seamless workflows and the elimination of context switching between different apps.

But does Klenty’s ambition to span multiple categories result in a fragmented, cobbled-together experience? Or have they truly cracked the code on a holistic revenue operating system? We explore Klenty’s pricing, features, and fit for sales teams.

What is Klenty and who is it for?

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Klenty is a sales engagement platform designed to help sales teams streamline and automate their outbound sales processes, including multi-channel outreach, follow-ups, and lead prioritization.

It is primarily targeted towards sales teams looking to execute personalized, multi-touch outreach campaigns across various channels like email, phone, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp. The platform aims to simplify repetitive sales tasks, optimize interactions, and enhance overall outreach efforts.

Klenty has several useful features, such as:

  • Multi-channel outreach: Klenty offers automated outreach across multiple channels like email, phone, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp. Teams can manage all communications on a single platform.
  • Multi-mode dialer: Klenty’s native dialer enables sales reps to make up to 5 calls simultaneously, which significantly increases call volumes and efficiency.
  • Personalization: Klenty provides advanced email customization capabilities that drive impact, such as dynamic content adjustment based on prospect behavior, merge fields, liquid templates, and an AI-powered cadence writer for hyper-personalized emails.
  • Behavior-triggered playbooks: Klenty’s cadences can detect prospect intent and automatically adjust activities based on their behavior, which lets sales reps prioritize and focus on the most engaged leads.
  • Email deliverability: Klenty employs email validation and provides deliverability insights to guarantee emails land in the primary inbox.
  • Security measures: Klenty is GDPR-compliant and SOC2-ready, which means all the data is safely stored.
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The platform is useful for:

  • Sales teams that seek an all-in-one platform to execute multi-channel outreach sequences, automate workflows, and leverage conversation intelligence.
  • Companies that want to enrich their prospect and account data with verified emails, phone numbers, and insights from multiple data providers.
  • Sales organizations that need advanced analytics, coaching capabilities, and deeper integration with their CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Revenue teams at scaling companies that require robust sales engagement features like cadence builders, multichannel campaigns, personalization, and automation.
  • B2B sales professionals who are aiming to boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks like call logging, note-taking, and CRM data entry across their tech stack.

Klenty works as a partner for your business. This is especially true in B2B industries that value personalized, multichannel outreach and want to automate and improve their sales processes while still keeping a personal touch.

Its comprehensive feature set caters to teams looking to speed up their entire outbound sales funnel, from initial outreach to closing deals.

Some reviews on Klenty:

  • ” I don’t expect to use Klenty forever. At the moment, they are simply filling a void of features Pipedrive lacks. And while I have been using Klenty for over a year, I suspect the day will come when Pipedrive adds these features to their capabilities, rendering my need for Klenty useless. Until that day comes, I will continue to use Klenty.” source: Capterra.
  • “Cons: Seems they have recently increased their pricing.” Source: Capterra.
  • “Very fair pricing compared to other services.” Source: G2.

Klenty is comprised of four platforms:

  • Sales Engagement
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Prospecting Data
  • Dialer.

Each of these has different features and separate pricing, but we will talk through all of them.

Klenty Sales Engagement

Klenty Sales Engagement - Klenty pricing plan assuring improved pipeline and revenue


Klenty has a sales engagement platform that provides a suite of features to automate and speed up the sales cycle.

Among its most important features are:

  • Multi-channel outreach across email, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Ability to combine channels into sequences/cadences
  • Built-in dialer with local caller ID for efficient calling
  • Advanced personalization with videos, dynamic content
  • Sales automation with multi-touch cadences and playbooks
  • Native CRM integrations (Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive)
  • Parallel dialer to call up to 5 prospects simultaneously
  • Real-time Slack notifications
  • Performance insights and analytics

Klenty Sales Engagement has four pricing tiers billed annually:

  • Startup at $50 per user/month for basic email and sales ops features,
  • Growth at $70 per user/month adding multichannel outreach and prospecting,
  • Pro at $100 per user/month with sales coaching and advanced insights
  • Enterprise pricing for larger teams.

This is quite inexpensive compared to other similar apps.

You can try Klenty for free for 14 days and get free onboarding with their support team. The pricing is per user, so the total cost scales with the size of your sales team.

Klenty Conversation Intelligence

Klenty Conversation Intelligence - pricing plan for sales leaders


Klenty comes with a conversation intelligence solution called Call IQ that helps sales teams capture, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations.

Call IQ has advanced features useful for conversation analysis. Here are the most important ones:

  • Automatic call recording and transcription from Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • AI-generated call summaries
  • Key points, questions, and action items captured
  • Sentiment analysis for emotional context
  • Talk-time analysis
  • Identifies reps needing more empathy or prospect talk time
  • CRM integration for logging call data (Pipedrive, Zoho, Close, and more)
  • Asynchronous coaching with manager comments on transcripts
  • Surfaces deal losses, competitor mentions, objections

Klenty has two paid pricing tiers for Call IQ on an annual billing cycle:

The Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is priced at $20 per user per month, billed annually. It features:

  • 1200 minutes of call recording and analysis per user per each month.
  • 1-year-long history of call recordings and transcripts
  • Transcription
  • Call summarization
  • Sentiment analysis

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan for Call IQ costs $40 per user per month when billed annually. In it are:

  • The higher limit of 3,600 minutes of call recording and analysis
  • 2-year history of past calls
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integration with Pipedrive and Slack for seamless data sharing

There are only two plans. It looks like there isn’t an option for expanding the limits for enterprise companies, which may hinder those with bigger sales needs. Small businesses can still do well with it, though, even with these limits.

Both plans include unlimited users, calls, and integrations. There’s also a free 14-day trial with 250 minutes of call analysis to experience the product before purchasing.

Klenty Prospecting Data

Prospecting Data - Klenty pricing plan for a sales team


Prospect IQ is Klenty’s data enrichment solution for sales teams. It provides access to a large database of verified B2B contact data like emails and phone numbers across multiple industries.

With features like lead enrichment, account enrichment, and an account-first approach, it helps sales reps build targeted prospect lists aligned with their ideal customer profiles.

These are the features of Prospect IQ:

  • Access to a large database of verified B2B contact data like emails, phone numbers, and other details across multiple industries.
  • “Waterfall model” searching across 10+ data providers for up to 700% more verified emails and phone number enrichment of existing high-quality prospect records.
  • “Account-first” approach for easy identification of ideal customer profile (ICP) accounts and targeting with enriched contact data.
  • Lead enrichment capability to find phone numbers when only email or LinkedIn URLs are available.
  • Account enrichment through the addition of contact-level and account insights to existing accounts.
  • Company hierarchy data for identification of the full buying committee for key accounts.
  • Contact data replacement with alternate emails/phones from other providers if initial data is unsuccessful.

Klenty supplies flexible, credit-based pricing plans for its Prospect IQ data enrichment solution.

There is a free plan, but that does not include any email or phone number credits. For paid plans, users can opt for $80 per month, billed annually. This paid plan comes with 1000 email credits and 200 phone number credits each month.

If additional data is needed, users have the option to purchase more credit packs on top of their monthly allotment.

Prospect IQ provides a dedicated account manager and does not require a credit card to sign up.

Klenty Dialer

Klenty Sales Engagement - Klenty pricing plan assuring improved pipeline and revenue


Klenty Dialer is a multi-mode sales dialer that automates time-consuming calling tasks. It comes with some super useful features. Here they are:

  • Power Dialer allows dialing the entire prospect list with one click, best for teams with connect rates above 7%.
  • Parallel Dialer dials up to 5 prospects simultaneously to improve total connects per day from cold lists.
  • Focus Dialer dials one prospect at a time with all details, research, scripts, and notes in one view for personalized follow-ups.
  • CRM Dialer makes calls directly from within your CRM without switching tabs.
  • Automatic voicemail drop leaves pre-recorded voicemails without waiting for the beep to increase callback rates.
  • Call forwarding and routing automatically route prospect calls to other reps if you’re unavailable.
  • Local dialing uses local area codes to increase familiarity and connect rates.
  • Automatic Call Transcription automatically transcribes calls and summarizes them, with notes updated in the CRM.

Klenty does not provide separate pricing for just their dialer. It is included as part of their overall sales engagement platform pricing tiers.

The dialer with all its modes (power, parallel, focus) and capabilities like voicemail drop, local dialing, and transcription, is available starting from the Growth plan at $70/user/month.

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