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Automate Prospecting and Outreach withLeadFuze + Woodpecker

Remember the time we reviewed LeadFuze for our prospecting tool review series? Now I can finally announce that Woodpecker has integrated with LeadFuze. And in this guest post, Justin McGill himself will tell you what you can do with the integration. Keep on reading to discover how you can benefit from using Woodpecker and LeadFuze according to Justin.

Announcing Native Pipedrive Integration

Are you a Pipedrive user? Or are you looking for a CRM to connect your Woodpecker account with? Here's the first native integration of Woodpecker with the most popular CRM among our users. Continue reading to learn how you can connect Woodpecker to Pipedrive.

Prospect List Building Tools Review Vol. 12: LeadFuze

And here's another part of our Prospect List Building Tools Review series. This time we've got a big fish. Pioneers in the field, present on the market since 2014, coming from the US and focusing on quality data for years – LeadFuze. It was a real honor for me to talk to Justin McGill, founder and CEO of LeadFuze, and I'm glad he accepted the invitation to our series of reviews. Read his answers to my questions below and see what I've found about the prospecting tool he's built together with his team.

5 Tools to Improve Your Cold Email Campaigns(+ Bonus One)

Here's another blog post for you. This time the one everybody loves to talk about -- tools. I asked one cold email sender about his recommendations and he quickly put this blog post together. Learn what he uses to send his cold email campaigns.

7 Little-Known Woodpecker Features, and Do you Use Them?

Who doesn't love discovering new app hacks or using features that could help them? I'm sure there's a tech-savviness inside of most of you. And most of you would love to find out whether you use the app to the fullest. We have some app hacks for you. Let's find out if you know about them.

How to Analyze Campaigns Beyond Open Rates?

Have you ever wondered how to track link clicks in your campaigns? Seems Adam Ziółkowski has found a way when he worked on outbound campaigns at Livespace. It's a tactic borrowed from marketing. You just put UTM tags and monitor your campaign in Google Analytics. Read to learn from Adam how to do it.

How to Lower the Bounce Rate of Your Email Outreach with Human-driven Data Enrichment

Time for another guest post on our blog. This time it covers a topic that is very on trend right now, data enrichment. And it shows how to use data to increase your email deliverability. Ok, let's give the stage to Anastasia from CIENCE who's an expert in that field.

My Open, Reply or Interest Cold Email Metrics are Low, What Can I A/B Test?

Cold outreach needs a lot of experimentation before you get it right. You can tinker with cold email copy, subject line, CTA, and other elements to optimize your cold email. However, how do you know what to focus on?