How to Use Woodpecker + Zapier to Supercharge Your Sales Outreach


It’s official. We proudly announce that we’ve finalized our integration with Zapier! All Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan have the ability to connect Woodpecker to 2000+ apps and automate various parts of their sales workflow.

Read along to find out what Zapier is all about, and how you can employ it to easily push data between Woodpecker and other apps you’re using to save time and improve your sales process.

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to easily integrate the tools you use through a number of automatic reactions to the events happening in your apps. They’ve been, very accurately, calling the events ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. Here’s how it works: if something happens in one of the tools you use that’s a trigger for an action to take place automatically in another of your tools. The trigger + action sequence is called a “zap”.

The zap mechanism could be shortly conveyed as:

Trigger in App A -> Action in App B

So for instance, if you’re using Woodpecker and Pipedrive to handle your outbound sales process, you can set a zap to automatically update your prospects’ profiles if they opened your email, clicked a link in it, or replied.

Here’s an example:

Trigger in Woodpecker: Prospect is marked as Replied -> Action in Pipedrive: Create a Deal

But that’s just one example. You can do much, much more. With zero hard coding. Read on to find out what exactly is possible thanks to Woodpecker+Zapier integration.

What can you gain using Woodpecker + Zapier integration?

First things first, check why it’s worth a try:

  • if you feel like spending too much time copying data from one app to another trying to keep your prospects’ profiles up to date, you can use Zapier to regain all that time.
  • if you collect your prospects’ contacts in spreadsheets and get tired of manually importing the spreadsheets to Woodpecker, you will love Zapier for automating that part for you.
  • if you’re not really tech-savvy, but you want to create a well-organized software system customized for your individual sales process, you can use Zapier to integrate your tools without a single line of hard code.

Here’s more about how it works:

Combine the sales tools you’re using into one system

Thanks to Zapier, all the tools you use on various stages of your sales process can be connected to a system that will automate the most strenuous parts of your job.

Here are just a few real examples of the zaps you can set between Woodpecker and other tools that you use and love.

GoogleSheets + Woodpecker

If you manually build prospect lists in spreadsheets for super-personalized outbound campaigns, you can connect a Google sheet with Woodpecker prospect base or even a chosen campaign. This way, each time you complete the row with your prospect’s data in the spreadsheet, the prospect will be automatically imported to Woodpecker.

AeroLeads + Woodpecker

AeroLeads is a prospect list building tool. Using Zapier, you can push your prospect list collected with AeroLeads plugin straight to Woodpecker general prospect base or, even better, to a chosen campaign. This way, you save the time you would normally need to export the contacts from AeroLeads, and import them from a .csv file to Woodpecker.

Woodpecker + Pipedrive (or one of 60 other CRMs)

If you treat your CRM as the center of your sales workflow, you can now easily integrate it with Woodpecker in many ways. For instance, you can export your prospects directly from Pipedrive to Woodpecker. You can export all of them or only those who meet some specified criteria.

But if you don’t want to keep all your prospects’ data in your CRM, you can export only interested leads from Woodpecker straight to Pipedrive. Plus, you can create a deal in your pipeline for prospects marked as “Interested” in Woodpecker.

Think about all the time you can save by getting rid of the manual, repeatable tasks and automating them instead.

Other popular CRMs you can integrate with Woodpecker via Zapier:

and many more…

Calendly + Woodpecker

If you use Calendly to set up your sales meetings, you can integrate it into your outbound sales system. Some of the prospects who get your emails will respond to you, but some of them would rather just sign up for a demo via link from Calendly. Woodpecker automatically stops your follow-up sequence in case of a reply. But with Zapier, you can also make it stop the sequence if a prospect of yours signs up for a meeting via Calendly.

This way, you avoid inconvenient situations and unnecessary explanations about why they got an email from you after they signed up for a demo. In other words, you make sure no follow-ups will be sent to the prospects who reacted to your outreach in another way than a direct reply.

You feel safe, and you don’t have to be constantly on guard of your calendar, ready to change a prospect’s status manually in Woodpecker in case someone signs up for a meeting with you. But what’s most important, your potential customers feel comfortable from the very beginning of your relationship with them.

Combine your inbound marketing tools with Woodpecker

GoToWebinar + Woodpecker

Your outbound and inbound marketing efforts should go hand in hand. Now it’s possible thanks to Zapier. If you organize webinars, you certainly collect email addresses of people who signed up. Those addresses may be automatically imported to Woodpecker from GoToWebinar via Zapier. This way, you will be able to personally follow-up with all your webinar attendees.

Additionally, you can make a zap that will stop follow-ups for the prospects who signed up for your webinar. This way, you can make sure that your further correspondence with those prospects will be fully contextual, and that they won’t get a totally cold email from your other outbound campaign.

Learn more about this integration here: How to Create a Webinar Sales Funnel and Boost Webinar ROI? >>

Typeform + Woodpecker

If you’re collecting data about your present and future customers via Typeform, you can connect it to Woodpecker. This way, their contact details may get automatically imported to a campaign in Woodpecker or to a general list of prospects.

But that’s not all yet

Check the other zap templates we prepared for you here:

But you don’t have to use ready-made templates. Log in to Zapier and create your own custom integrations. Here are some tips on how to do it.

What’s in it for you?

The best thing about Zapier is that you can keep using the tools that you love, trust, and already got used to. You don’t need to switch to a monster of a system as you grow. Instead, you can connect your favorite, proven tools to make them work in perfect harmony with one another and let your workflow evolve towards greater business goals every month.

A well-integrated system of tools allows you to stop wasting time for copying and pasting data from one piece of software to another. Thanks to integration and automation, you can focus entirely on the part that cannot be automated – building real and valuable B2B, and human-to-human, relations with your future customers.

Sign up for Woodpecker to start building direct relations with your ideal prospects.

Sign up for Zapier and check what tools you can integrate today to make your sales more efficient.

Check out our top Zapier syncs here. Or ask one of Zapier Certified Experts for advice on what syncs will be the best choice for you.