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Saleshandy - cover photo

Saleshandy for Cold Emails: Features, Opinions, Alternatives

Saleshandy packs features but may not click with everyone and their needs. Even though the tool comes with a great tool set, its flaws, like limited integrations, steep learning curve, and price, might be disqualifying for some.

Evaboot - cover photo

Is Evaboot The Ultimate Tool for LinkedIn and Email Outreach?

Evaboot is an excellent tool for LinkedIn but it doesn't do any email outreach - all it does is seamlessly import data from one place to the next.

Reply - cover photo

Is Reply the Best Tool for Cold Email? +20 Alternatives

The list of cold emailing tools is long, but Reply stands out at the top. But at the same time, it’s got some challenges. Today, we take an in-depth look at the tool, revealing its ins and outs, and present over 20 alternatives. 

Mailshake - cover photo

Mailshake: A Marketer’s Review (+10 Alternatives)

We prepared the best alternatives to Mailshake. Let us help you find the perfect match for your sales and marketing efforts. Test and discover the right tool to accelerate your success.

La Growth Machine - cover photo

La Growth Machine as a Sales Automation Tool – Top Alternatives

Lead generation and sales is no longer a game of combing through lists of phone numbers and hoping to close something. Thanks to tools like La Growth Machine, you can save time and money and reach more people with multichannel campaigns and professional lead management.

salesloft - cover

Salesloft for Email Marketing: Features, Pricing, Competitors

Are you wondering why Salesloft users eventually switch to other tools? Well… they must have some serious reasons.  Let's take a quick look at what's really going on with Salesloft — its pros and cons, and why some marketers and salespeople are on the lookout for a different email marketing tool.

Waalaxy - cover

Email Marketer’s Opinion on Waalaxy + 6 Alternatives

Choosing Waalaxy may be the answer to easy cold emailing and finding LinkedIn email addresses. But it’s not the only tool that promises such benefits. There are a bunch of equally good  (and for some even better) alternatives.