Mailshake Pricing: How Much Does it Cost in 2024

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Calling themselves an AI-powered sales engagement and B2B lead platform, Mailshake has been around for a while as a great choice for cold email outreach. Whether you want to enrich your data, send personalized cold emails and follow up with them or use the phone dialer, Mailshake has a wide array of features for sales teams.

Today, we’ll show you how much this sales engagement platform costs.

What is Mailshake? Top features

Mailshake is a complete sales engagement platform that allows sales teams to find contacts, reach out to them with personalized cold emails and create full-blown email campaigns. It also lets your sales reps use phone and social media for a comprehensive sales outreach approach.

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Here are some of the key features for sales teams using Mailshake.

Data finder: Mailshake’s data finder helps you scrape contact details so you can create personalized emails that make it to the right people

LinkedIn automation: automated likes, follows, connection requests, outbound messages and other forms of LinkedIn automation

AI email writer: for email personalization, advanced scheduling and easy content creation for your sales team

Email deliverability monitoring: to ensure you’re hitting the primary inbox and not the spam folders

Mail merge: for sending customized email campaigns to large groups of recipients

Follow ups: for doing effective cold outreach through automated email sequences, after specific activities taken by the respondents

Lead catcher: a centralized platform for sorting your leads according to scores, stage in the sales funnel, and more

Power phone dialer: to integrate cold calling in your personalized campaigns

Chrome extension: to help you capture contact details of your leads from platforms such as LinkedIn, letting you get contact info with a few clicks

Integrations: with popular CRM tools, for easy data management for modern sales teams

Mailshake pricing

There are three main pricing plans: Starter, Email Outreach and Sales Engagement. There is no free trial for any of the plans, which means that you have to sign up and pay up front to give Mailshake a try.

Mailshake pricing

For each of the plans, you can pay monthly or annually. Paying for a year in advance brings significant cost savings for every pricing plan, but more on that in a moment.

The Starter plan

This plan costs $25 per user per month when billed annually or $29 per user per month on a monthly plan. In Starter, you can add mail accounts from any major email provider such as Gmail or Outlook, and start doing cold outreach to a big number of email addresses.

You also get automated email sequences with 1,500 email sends per month, which is not a lot for most cold email campaigns.

There are 50 free data finder credits, allowing you to find new contact data or enrich your existing databases. You get unlimited warmup credits, letting you prepare your inbox for email marketing campaigns without getting blacklisted.

You also get A/B testing features to compare different email templates and subject lines and reach prospect inboxes more efficiently.

This is a cost-effective way to get started with Mailshake, and in the absence of a free trial, it’s worth $29 to see if Mailshake is the right choice for you.

The Email Outreach plan

In this plan, you can send cold emails at scale and the price is $45 per user per month when billed annually, or $59 per month on a monthly basis.

You get all of the features from Starter, plus some more advanced features for established teams that know their way around cold emails and sales engagement.

You get email personalization tools for better email marketing results, as well as advanced scheduling and throttling. Basically, you can slow down the rate at which you send out emails without any special technical skills.

In this plan, there are integrations with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive, as well as 1,000+ other integrations with Zapier.

There are 5,000 credits for cleaning your email list, which is a great feature for growing teams that want to remove outdated and invalid addresses. The Chrome extension is included too, as well as a number of email templates you can use for your email marketing campaigns.

You can send out emails to 5,000 recipients per single email marketing campaign.

The Sales Engagement plan

The most expensive Mailshake plan is $85/user/month when billed annually or $99/user/month when billed on a monthly basis. Besides the regular features such as email domain setup assistant, you get priority help from the support team.

In this plan, you can do email outreach from five different email addresses, and you get five phone numbers for the power phone dialer. Speaking of which, the dialer gives you unlimited free dialer minutes for phone numbers in North America, while international calls cost extra.

Besides provider automated email sequences, and a user-friendly interface, this plan has all the key features for proper sales engagement. LinkedIn automation is included and you are given 2,500 monthly credits for the data finder, allowing you to find new contacts for email outreach.

There are 10,000 credits for email list cleaning per month, helping you remove suspicious addresses that could halt your email outreach efforts. There are also 10,000 recipients per campaign, allowing you to reach even more people.

For your internal workflows, Mailshake lets you create custom tasks and get an account-level overview of your organization.

It’s a good idea to start with some of the lower plans to get a hang of all the Mailshake features first instead of going for the Sales Engagement plan immediately. The reason is simple – the number of features is overwhelming and learning how to maximize your use out of them can be difficult.

Some Mailshake downsides to be aware of

By now, you probably realize that the best Mailshake features are reserved only for those with deep pockets. But there are some other factors you should be aware of.

Online reviews state that Mailshake support team is not very good. It can take days to get a response if you get stuck with something, so make sure to learn the platform inside and out unless you want to spend considerable time waiting for a response.

Users also complain that email customization features are not the best, which can be a significant setback if you want to create outreach campaigns for multiple target audiences at once.

Users across G2, Capterra, and other review platforms complain that Mailshake’s abundance of features is great if you’re not a beginner. In other words, learning the ins and outs of Mailshake has a significant learning curve.

Last but not least, the plans are very limited and upgrading from one plan to another can be a chore. What you choose in the beginning is what you’ll end up using until you figure out a way to upgrade with Mailshake’s team.

The better and more affordable Mailshake alternative

If Mailshake is too expensive for you or gives you technical problems (e.g., you have trouble uploading leads correctly), we have a suggestion that has all the key features of Mailshake but in a better package.


With Woodpecker, you can easily create fully automated, personalized email campaigns at scale. Start from scratch or use one of our templates that you can personalize for the best results. Each plan comes with A/B testing so you can determine which kinds of emails work best for your target audience.

Before you get to emailing, we make sure you don’t get in trouble with your email provider – use Woodpecker to warm up your email account before sending out large numbers of emails per day.

The email deliverability monitor ensures that your emails are landing in the primary inbox, and with robust reporting, you can check all of your statistics from one dashboard.

Our unique algorithm takes control of your emails and drip campaigns and sends out each email in a pattern that mimics real human behavior. On top of split testing and advanced automation features, this allows you to send campaigns that look like each email was written by hand from scratch.

Unlike Mailshake, Woodpecker offers a free trial so you can check out all the features before committing. Paid plans start at $29 per month, which gets you 500 recipients and 2,000 stored prospects.

Grab your free trial and get started today!

Wrapping up

Mailshake offers a wide assortment of features, but you can only get access to the very best ones if you opt for the higher pricing plans. Even though they call themselves a sales engagement tool, the only true sales engagement features are available in the most expensive Mailshake plan.

If you really want to unlock cold emails as a channel for sales, with personalized features, detailed reporting and superb deliverability, opting for a tool such as Woodpecker is the better choice.

Try Woodpecker for free today to see what makes it the best cold email outreach tool!