5 Cold Email Writing Services to Use, and When You Need Their Help

Cold email writing is a skill and like any other skill, you need to hone it before you can call yourself an expert. But what if you cannot devote enough time to master that skill? What to do then? You can search for ready-made email templates in Google, and use the one you like. Yet, it’s a risky maneuver. Your prospect may have already received the exact email template from somebody else. I wrote some time ago that it’s not a good solution.

Fortunately for you, there is yet another option – using one of the services that specialize in cold email writing. Such a service can cost a bit, but there are two scenarios when a cold email writing service is a godsend.

At which point should you hire a cold email writing service?

There are two scenarios in which you may rely on a cold email writing service to write an email sequence for you.

Scenario 1: New to cold email outreach

In this scenario, you’re just starting out as a cold email sender. You’ve just subscribed to this blog. You have no experience with writing cold emails. And everything that you write sounds too salesy.

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Say you’re done with your Ideal Customer Profile and you’re looking for companies to contact. You know, more or less, how many emails to put in your email sequence, but as soon as you start writing email copy, you’re lost. You have no idea how to write an email. You feel you need professional help.

Scenario 2: A low response rate no matter what you do

In this scenario, you’re in the midst of one of your campaigns, but it’s not as good as you would expect. In fact, you’re very close to yelling, “Cold email doesn’t work for me!”

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The opening rate is quite high. The bounce rate is close to zero. Thus neither the deliverability settings can be at blame, nor does the subject line. After all, prospects are opening your emails. But why they don’t take any action?

In this case, you may want to run experiments with your email copy. What’s the smartest way to experiment with email copy? Do A/B testing! But how to write two emails for A/B tests to get measurable results? You need to find somebody who is experienced in writing. And that somebody can be a cold email writing service.

A list of cold email writing services

Below you can find a list of cold emailing services. Woodpecker knows some of those services, while others reach out to us or we reached out to them. Sadly, there’s no settled price for email copywriting, so you need to contact them to get the price. They can also help you with targeting, prospecting, and suggest when to send your campaign.

Here’s the list of suggested cold email writing services.

  1. Salesfolk
  2. Leadpal
  3. Pearl Lemon
  4. GrowthGenius
  5. SpeechSilver

If you’re a service that writes custom email templates, write to me and I’ll gladly add you to the list.

What is next?

Go over the websites above and strike up a conversation with them, asking them about your case. See which agency suits you best. Remember to tell them about your business and the target group you’re trying to reach out to.

But be sure to check their blogs. They are a treasure trove of knowledge. Who knows? Maybe after reading their material, you decide to write the email sequence by yourself. Check our ebook that reverse engineers 15 email templates to see why they work.


How much does email writing cost?

Professional email writing services vary in cost, often depending on the complexity of the email campaigns and the expertise of the writer.

Can you get paid for writing emails?

Yes, writing emails for email marketing services can be a paid profession, especially when crafting targeted messages for businesses.

Who is the best email writer?

The best email writer expertly blends persuasive content with strategic email subject lines to engage the target audience effectively.

What is an email copywriter?

An email copywriter specializes in creating compelling email copywriting service content aimed at boosting engagement and conversions.

How much to charge per email copywriter?

Charges for an email copywriter vary; rates are often based on the project’s scope and the writer’s expertise in email marketing software.

Is email copywriting still profitable?

Yes, email copywriting remains profitable, particularly when leveraging email marketing strategies that resonate with website content and sales letters.

How to become an email writer?

To become an email writer, start by mastering the art of writing emails that align with various email copywriting campaigns.

How to become a freelance email writer?

Aspiring freelance email writers should build a portfolio showcasing their ability to write emails and learn to market their email copywriting services effectively.


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