Personal Touch Email in Sales: 3 Steps to Write It


Three questions: What’s the little big thing that makes our cold email interesting from the very first line? What makes our prospect feel that we really care about talking to them? What changes generic bulk emails into personal valuable messages? One answer: Personal touch. And note that putting in our addressee’s first name in the salutation is not enough nowadays. Here’s how to add a personal touch to a cold email campaign in 3 steps.

Step 1: Skillful research

That’s the most laborious step of all the three. I wouldn’t say I’m actually happy when I have to do that before launching my cold email campaigns. But I’m definitely happy when those personalized campaigns bring over 50% reply rates. That’s when I’m overjoyed. And that’s when I forget how much time I’ve spent searching for info on my prospects to add a personal touch to every email.

This step will be fun for those who always wanted to be detectives or those who deeply analyze all their friends’ (and the friends’ of their friends’) Facebook profiles. There are a few places that are mines of information about your prospective clients. Check the link below for the list of places and some practical details.HOW TO MAKE MY COLD EMAILS PERSONAL? VOL.1: RESEARCH >>

Step 2: A copy that includes personal touch email fragments

The research you do in step one is not only to find out who your prospects are. It’s also to find a common denominator for all the prospect group members. Think of what actually makes them a group. Then you can use the information from the common denominator place in your email copy.

In short: in the first step, you find and collect the information on your addressees. And in the second step you create a cold email template that is the same for all your prospects, but allows you to send an individually customized message for each of them. Sounds hardly possible? Check the link below to find a few ways to make that happen:HOW TO MAKE MY COLD EMAILS PERSONAL? VOL.2: COPY >>

Step 3: Savvy sending tools

So after taking the first two steps you’ve got an awesome template and a collection of personal touches that are to be incorporated into the template. It takes some precious time to prepare all that. So when it’s finally done, you don’t feel like spending another few hours each day of the upcoming week to copy and paste the info to each of your emails manually and send each of the messages one by one. That would be a real drag.

In the first two steps, you did the job that no automation tool is able to do for you: you created a human, highly personalized cold email campaign. You did a great job. In the third step you can hire a clever automation tool like Woodpecker to take care of the sending part for you. Here’s how to set such a cold email campaign on intelligent auto-sending mode within minutes:HOW TO MAKE MY COLD EMAILS PERSONAL? VOL. 3 TOOLS >>


What’s in it for you (to remember)?

The whole highly personalized approach to cold emails stems from the two guide principles that make your prospects appreciate your cold emails instead of hating them:

Rule #1: Create a personal message, because you’re sending it to a personal business mailbox, where personal messages usually come.

Rule #2: Sending that message, show your addressee that you actually DO give a damn about them, before you assume they will give a damn about you.

Follow the two rules each time you plan your email outreach, and you’ll see amazing results very soon.

Hope this helps!