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3 Resources that Will Help You Ask Better Questions

Sales articles are full of advice on how to skilfully ask questions during sales interview. That's not surprising. Questions are the exact thing that helps us move potential leads through the sales funnel. Cold callers use them during discovery calls and those who prospect might use questions while looking for the ICPs. But how to apply it to cold email senders who have just begun the conversation? Here I gathered 3 resources that will help you learn how to perfect the art of asking questions.

Which Social Media Channels Can Boost Email Outreach and How?

A while back I wrote a blog post about taking care of the way you present your brand online before you start an email outreach campaign. In this one, I wanted to build on that idea. I prepared a little guide for you on strengthening your brand by working hard on your social media profiles.

Which Cloud Tools Help Us Grow Woodpecker – Interview

Recently, I had a pleasure to talk to Matt from, an online company focused on finding useful cloud apps for businesses. He asked me about growing Woodpecker to +1000 customers, and about what cloud applications help us grow. Read the interview below.

How to Increase your SaaS Trial-to-Paid Conversion with Personalized Email Campaigns

I write a lot about cold email outreach automation, which is a part of outbound sales. But today I've got something quite different that I want to share with you. I want to show you how your own inbound sales team can use email automation to contact people who have signed up for a free trial. This is something I believe played a huge role in getting Woodpecker from 1 to nearly 3000 B2B customers in 4 years. Keep reading to learn more about the whole process and see some email templates.

New to Sales? How to Learn Cold Email as an SDR

If you’re a fresh SDR hire, or were made the one responsible for outbound email campaigns not so long ago, then this article is for you. I feel your struggle. Outbound can be pretty intimidating at first. You need to read and practice a lot before you're able to do it confidently. With this post, I want to show how to learn cold emailing.

Inbound vs Outbound Lead Generation: Which One Works Better?

Inbound vs Outbound – this seems like an endless dispute to me. On the one side, you've got people who claim outbound techniques are just wrong and unethical, whereas inbound is the only effective way to generate new valuable leads. On the other side, there are people who strongly advocate outbound, because that's what has really worked for them like no inbound tactic before. So whose advice are we supposed to follow? Which one works better in B2B: inbound vs outbound marketing?

8 Tips for Successful Sales Approach According to Muhammad Ali’s Rules for Victory

American former professional boxer. Widely considered one of the greatest heavyweights in the history of sport. One of the most recognized sportsmen of all time. Recently he passed away, but left great learnings and approach that should be a motivation for all of us. This is a post inspired by and dedicated to one of the greatest people of all time. Today, Muhammad Ali will teach you, sales folks, how to be successful in your own sales ring! This is a guest post by Emilia Mosiewicz – Sales Director at LiveChat.

How to Overcome 3 Common Sales Objections & Close More Deals

"Your price is too high... I'd buy, if only you had feature X... We already use software for this..." – we all hear that sometimes while talking to our prospects. Check out the advice from Steli Efti of Close on how to handle 3 common sales objections: the pricing objection, the feature objection, and the change objection in your conversations with potential customers