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Why Does Your Business Need Customer Testimonials & How to Get Them?

How many times have you come across an interesting product while googling a solution to your problem? You considered buying but had some objections and boom - you read a testimonial from a business like yours that resolved your doubts. You decided to make the purchase... How to replicate that for your business? I'm gonna show you now.

Recruiters: How Can You Use Woodpecker At Your Agency?

This blog post is for you, dear recruiters, hope that you will find it helpful in organizing and keeping track of your email outreach to individual job seekers and employers in need of a new hire.

Get More From Your SaaS Website: How to Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales vol 3.

When I look at our Google Analytics data at Woodpecker, I can see that the vast majority of our website visitors that become leads come from organic or paid search. And I believe that it's similar in the case of your SaaS too. The internet users run a query in Google and your website comes up among other results. That's why I believe your website can be one of the surest lead generation tools at your disposal. Let's learn how to do it.

How Email Automation Can Help You Scale PR in Your SaaS Startup?

A company at an early development stage needs publicity to become recognizable in its business niche. However, hiring a PR agency while on a bootstrapped budget may be a challenge for a SaaS startup. If you can relate to that, learn how you can scale your PR efforts in a more startup-friendly way.

Follow-up After a Form Submission: How to Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales Vol. 2

Lead forms have become a website staple. They don't require a lot of effort on our part. We just put them up, make sure they comply with GDPR or any other law that's binding in our country and then, reach out to those who filled out a contact form. But do you know how to convert leads who submitted a form into customers? Keep reading to learn how to do that.

How to Use Personalized Emails to Improve SaaS Customer Retention

If you're in a SaaS business as we are, you know that you need the right strategy to deal with churn. Etienne Garbugli from Highlights, new software that uses a subscription model, wrote a guest post for the Woodpecker blog. All about using email for customer retention.

How to Improve Customer Experience with Email

This blog is focused on cold emailing for lead generation, however, email can be a great medium to stay in touch with those who are already customers. So I asked Stewart from Fieldboom to write a couple of lines on how to communicate with your customers via email.