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How to Convert Free Trial Users into Paying Customers in SaaS?

You might have the best SaaS product in the world, but still getting users to convert into paying customers won’t happen by itself. This process needs to be thought through and designed so as to nudge the user in the right direction. But how do you do so? What determines if users will convert or not? I asked SaaS Growth Specialist Michał Fiech to help me out with this one and chime in on the topic. Ready? Let’s go.

Webinar Follow-up Templates for Your Webinar Email Sequence

A few posts back I showed you how you can maximize your webinar ROI by creating a webinar sales funnel. The foundation of the funnel are the follow-up emails for each stage: to drive more registrations, boost the show-up rates and post-webinar conversion. In this blog post you’ll find a bunch of email templates for each stage of the webinar sales funnel and a few tips on how to turn more webinar attendees into customers.

5 Webinar Invitation Email Templates + Best Practices

As you polish up your webinar presentation, it’s time to spread the word about the upcoming event and send out the invitations. If you’re stuck at “Hi!”, don’t worry -- I’ve done some research and prepared five webinar invitation email templates to get you inspired.

6 Little Known Ways You Can Use Woodpecker to Grow Your Business

Some time ago Cathy wrote about what SaaS businesses can use cold emails for, other than outbound lead generation. Here’s a handful of other use cases that I hope will inspire you to, perhaps, look out of the scope of jobs Woodpecker usually does for you. Dig in.

Land High-Quality SEO Clients With This Cold Email Tactic

For any SEO agency to thrive, it needs a steady flow of customers. Recently, I've been contacted by Rad Basta, CEO of Four Dots, who kindly described how an SEO agency can do to get high-quality clients. Here's what his process looks like.

How to Generate More Leads After a Webinar?

I'm sure you can agree that webinars are time-consuming and stressful. Not only do you have to carefully plan the whole thing out, but you also need to oversee a lot of things, such as recording & sound quality, take care of the Internet connection, plus you need to make sure there's enough space for everyone to attend the webinar.

Follow up after a AMA session: How to Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales Vol. 4

Organizing an "Ask me Anything" session can give your brand recognition, but also help you grow. If you're super selective (or at least, strategic) when inviting people to join the session, you may get a pretty good source of prospective customers. How to do an AMA session to find leads?  In this blog post, I’ll focus on a couple of things you should consider before and after hosting an AMA session.

SaaS customer interviews: How to carry them out & what you can learn

When was the last time you actually talked to your customers? I don't mean a sales call or a demo. I mean actually talking about their business, your business, and how the two virtually affect each other. Our Outbound Sales team has just finalized their 3.5-month long project of customer interviews. Last week, they presented the results to the whole Woodpecker team. That inspired me to write about how you can do it as well at your SaaS company. So here it goes! See how to carry out customer interviews and what you can learn from talking to your clients.