Mary Siewierska

Mary was a Content Specialist at Woodpecker. Because of her inquisitive nature and curiosity, she quickly became our Quora, Twitter and LinkedIn expert.

How to Manage a Sales Team to Make Prospecting Predictable?

Outbound emailing requires a lot of research into a target group and A/B testing before it can take off and become truly predictable. It's not unusual that a sales team (ours included) loses its motivation before that happens. Either that or they lose focus and target prospects ad hoc, just to get their numbers right. There is something that helped us. It is a proper goal setting.

Recruiting Email: How to Write It to Hire a Promising Talent

A couple weeks ago, we published an article about how recruiting firms use Woodpecker Agency Panel. Nonetheless, you don't need to be a staffing agency in order to create talent sourcing campaigns in Woodpecker. So, if you want to get into a proactive hiring process, here's how to write a recruiting email.

Get More From Your SaaS Website: How to Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales vol 3.

When I look at our Google Analytics data at Woodpecker, I can see that the vast majority of our website visitors that become leads come from organic or paid search. And I believe that it's similar in the case of your SaaS too. The internet users run a query in Google and your website comes up among other results. That's why I believe your website can be one of the surest lead generation tools at your disposal. Let's learn how to do it.

What is Data-as-a-Service And Why Would You Use It? Interview with EasyLeadz

Usually, I reach out to prospect list building tools like Hunter, LeadFuze or UpLead to review them for our Prospect List Building Series which has become a regular segment on our blog. As a side note, Hunter was our 14th installment. But when I found EasyLeadz, I thought it would be a nice addition to our "prospect list building" family. They're not a tool. Actually, they changed their business models to offer "Data-as-a-service". I was intrigued enough to ask Tushar Jawa from EasyLeadz for an interview and here it is. Let's go.

Follow-up After a Form Submission: How to Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales Vol. 2

Lead forms have become a website staple. They don't require a lot of effort on our part. We just put them up, make sure they comply with GDPR or any other law that's binding in our country and then, reach out to those who filled out a contact form. But do you know how to convert leads who submitted a form into customers? Keep reading to learn how to do that.

Can You Still Create a Predictable Sales Process? The Evolution of Predictable Revenue

I had an immense pleasure to talk with Collin Stewart, a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, who hosts their podcast, interviewing B2B sales leaders on the biggest opportunities and challenges in the industry.