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We’re thrilled to announce that over 500 companies from 49 countries have already trusted Woodpecker. It’s been two years since we started working on our email automation software. We’ve learned a lot over this time about business relations, product development, marketing, sales and customer support. We are still learning and striving for improvement.

And it’s you, dear customers, who give us the power and motivation to learn and improve every day, year by year. We’d like to thank you for that. We’re so grateful for that you trust us and spread the word about Woodpecker.


Dear customers,

you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts and stories. How have you been working with Woodpecker so far? What are the goals you’ve achieved over the two years? What are the issues you’re struggling with when it comes to automated cold emails & follow-ups? Please drop us a line anytime at [email protected].


Dear readers who haven’t tried Woodpecker yet,

you don’t have to trust our word – trust the guys of the 500 companies who are already growing their businesses with cold email, and join us.

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Cathy is the Woodpecker blog’s creator. She used to spend lots of time contacting prospects, especially via email. One of the few people on Earth who read crappy cold emails from start to end and analyze them – for purely educational purposes. Taking care of this blog, reporting Woodpecker’s journey on the pursuit of happy openings, successful closures and all the new skills we acquire in between.

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