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Our journey so far

22.09.2016_200+customers at woodpecker.co - BLOG


We’re happy to announce that over 200 companies from 35 countries have already trusted Woodpecker. We needed over a year and a half to reach the milestone of 100 customers. Not even 3 months after that, we’re celebrating 200th company joining the circle of our satisfied customers. Thank you so much! We appreciate your trust and spreading the word about Woodpecker.

Tell us about your experiences with Woodpecker

Dear customers,

we’d love to hear your stories. How have you been working with Woodpecker so far? What do you like about it the most? What do you think should be improved? What have you achieved thanks to automated cold emails & follow-ups? Please drop us a line at [email protected].

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Dear readers who haven’t tried Woodpecker yet,

you don’t have to trust me on that – trust the guys of the 200 companies who are already growing their businesses with cold email, and join us.