Yesware for Gmail Inbox – Features and User Reviews

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Do you want to supercharge your Gmail? Then Yesware might just be your new best friend.

Join us for today’s piece as we take a look inside this software from the angle of its Gmail integration.

We’ll also check out what real users think about it.

What is the Yesware Gmail Chrome extension?

Yesware for Gmail

The Yesware Gmail extension is a tool that integrates with your Gmail inbox. It lets you track emails, manage sales campaigns, schedule meetings, and connect with customers more efficiently.

The extension offers features like email and attachment tracking, Salesforce integration, email templates, and LinkedIn integration to streamline your sales workflow.

Top features and use cases

Yesware’s Gmail extension offers a few interesting features and use cases:

Email tracking

Email tracking

With Yesware’s email tracking, you get notified the moment your prospects read your email.

You can even see if they view your attachments and what details they focus on.

You can identify what interests them most and plan your next move accordingly.

Prospecting campaigns

Yesware takes the pain out of managing multiple emails.

Schedule automated emails, manual emails, calls, LinkedIn messages, and other custom touches all in one place.

As a result, your email outreach becomes more organized and efficient.

Meeting scheduler and email templates

Scheduling meetings has never been easier.

Simply click to insert meeting links directly into your emails, eliminating the back-and-forth.

Plus, save time by using email templates.

Store your best emails as templates and insert them into your compose window whenever needed.

It’s perfect for speeding up your daily sales activity and keeping your messaging consistent.

Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations

Stay on top of your game with the Salesforce integration.

Automatically sync your daily activity with Salesforce and manage your Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity records without leaving Gmail.

Plus, connect with prospects on LinkedIn right from your inbox.

This integration helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and keeps your sales process streamlined.

If you want to add Yesware to your Gmail, it’s quick and easy.

What do customer reviews say?

The Yesware website looks promising in terms of the Gmail extension capabilities.

However, the reliability of the plugin should be verified in practice.

#1 Seamless integration and easy tracking

Many users love how Yesware fits perfectly with their Gmail suite.

One customer mentioned, “The best part about using Yesware is that it sits perfectly on top of my Gmail suite. It makes it easier for me to track my emails and it also scans for viruses when I try to upload any files.

This seamless integration means you can focus more on your email tracking and less on technical issues.

Yesware review


#2 Screen space concerns

While Yesware adds a lot of functionalities, some users feel it takes up too much screen space. One review said, “Takes too much screen away from Gmail, need a single palette.”

This can be a bit distracting, especially if you prefer a cleaner inbox view.

Yesware review


#3 Privacy and transparency

A few users raised concerns about privacy.

We need to respect other people’s privacy. Yesware can be more vocal in demonstrating how Gmail users can disable the Gmail tracking feature,” someone pointed out.

They suggested that Yesware should highlight how to disable email tracking in their marketing materials to maintain fair business practices.

Yesware review


#4 Occasional technical glitches

Some users have experienced technical issues.

One shared: “Occasionally it will be removed from my Gmail account and it won’t track my emails without me realizing it. I have had to clear my cookies/cache a few times to fix it.

These hiccups can disrupt your usage and might need attention from Yesware’s support team.

Yesware review



Woodpecker as a Yesware alternative

Yesware is a nice tool for boosting your Gmail workflow. But if you’re looking for something more powerful to enhance your email outreach, check out Woodpecker.

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What users are saying:

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  • Aaron Sexton, a consultant at Recruitometry, adds: “The product has given me a great success rate in deliverability and taught me how I can reach more clients.”

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