Prospect List Building Tools Review Vol. 15: Voilá Norbert

Time to get back to the longest-running series on the Woodpecker blog. Last time we reviewed Today I have another long-standing app for you. It’s Norbert, one of the most popular email finder solutions, so we couldn’t skip it in this series. Let’s see what his co-founder, Sujan Patel, has to say about it.

About Voilá Norbert

Voilá Norbert is an email finder and verifier tool.

It emerged in 2014 out of a personal need for having a simple tool at hand that would find email addresses of certain businesspeople they wanted to get in touch with. Now, it’s a fully-developed, but still, easy-to-use app that searches for email addresses, verifies them, and enriches the data of the contacts once it finds them.

Sujan Patel, co-founder of Norbert

I invited Sujan Patel to an interview. Sujan is a co-founder of Norbert. You may also know him as a CEO of Mailshake, a competitive cold emailing solution.

I asked him eight quick questions about the tool and its pricing, and then my teammates and I reviewed the tool; the result of which you can see below. Let’s switch to the questions I asked Sujan about the tool.

1. How would you describe Voilá Norbert in 4-5 sentences?

Sujan: Norbert is an intelligent lead generation tool that can find anyone’s business email address and enrich it with data that drives conversion. It allows you to search for anyone’s contact information for your prospecting, talent acquisition, brand growth or PR.

Norbert makes it easy to find relevant decision-makers and get personal with them, at scale. Thanks to a vast database of B2B contacts and companies, if your prospects have an email address, Norbert will find them for you.

2. What is the greatest benefit of using Voilá Norbert?

Sujan: I would say that the most effective email finder that can get contact information of key stakeholders you’d like to reach out to. It requires just a few clicks.

You type in a full name and company of a prospect and Norbert delivers you the email address. Additionally, you get their LinkedIn handle and the company social media handles. That’s very convenient.

3. How does the process of building database look with Voilá Norbert?

Sujan: The steps of building a database with Norbert are pretty simple. You have two options. You can search for email addresses either in bulk or individually.

To find emails individually, simply enter the prospects name and company domain into the search bar. Then, Norbert gives you the email address. It makes sense when you’re building a list, one prospect at a time. For example, you want to pitch a guest post proposal, you can find a content coordinator at a blog you want to write for.

The bulk option is pretty convenient for those of you who do email outreach. To find emails in bulk you simply upload your list with Name and Company Domain and Norbert does the rest.

4. Do I need any additional tools or add-ons to use Voilá Norbert efficiently? (e.g. LinkedIn premium?)

Sujan: No, you don’t need anything. Norbert has its own user panel. You can also use its Chrome Extension. It can integrate with some of the tools for cold emailing or CRMs. There are a lot of options.

What’s more, you can use our API and connect Norbert with your database for your own use. That’s pretty useful and saves you loads of time clicking in and out of the apps.

Here’s a video explainer.

5. What kind of information can I actually collect using Voilá Norbert?

Sujan: The core of the product is finding an email address of a person you’re seeking. Yet, the tool gives you links to their company website, social media profiles, phone number, and it retrieves their HQ’s location. It’s like an online business card.

6. How many contacts can I have per month?

Sujan: Up to 50,000 leads a month.

7. How much is it?

Sujan: Norbert has multiple different pricing strategies with starting prices at $39 per month for 1,000 leads (4c a contact). Pricing depends on the number of requests you need. Choose from our valet, butler, advisor and counselor plans for different pricing options based on your needs.

8. Is there a free trial?

Sujan: Yes, there is. We offer 50 free credits for first-time users. I hope you give it a test drive.

Our experience with Norbert

Things we loved

Excellent email support

The support team they have at Norbert is uber helpful and extremely knowledgable. They answer all of the questions that you could have and they’re super patient to find a solution to your problem. Highly recommend.

The most convenient email finder

No matter if you’re looking for an email address of a single person or you want to find emails at bulk, Norbert does its job without a fuss. Everything runs smoothly. You can even upload a CSV file and Norbert will get you email addresses.

Furthermore, you can connect it straight with your database via their three API options. There’s a prospecting API that finds an email address of a prospect in seconds. You also have a verification API and enrich API if you want to use those features in your database. There’s no additional cost for using an API.

Easy integrations

Norbert integrates with a variety of email tools and CRMs. First and foremost,it integrates with Mailshake but that’s a given since one of the co-founders is a Mailshake’s CEO, Sujan. It also integrates with Reply or Hubspot. To integrate with Woodpecker, you do need to do it via Zapier. You can also sync Norbert with CRMs, such as Pipedrive or Salesforce, or SMTP services like Sendgrid. Integrations work seamlessly.

Charging only for found email addresses

Although the credits don’t roll over the next month, Norbert uses up one credit the moment it finds an email address — not when it runs the search for it. It’s more or less a standard now. But it gives you an idea of what you’re paying for. The data accuracy is pretty high and when I asked around about Norbert, a lot of my colleagues have said that it’s their favorite email finding tool.

Things that still could be improved

Data enrichment needs some work

Data enrichment isn’t always accurate. Sometimes we get another person’s LinkedIn profile and location than the one we would expect. Yet, since we know who we’re looking for, it shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a room for improvement there. Company’s social media handles were accurate during my tests.

Corporate email addresses are hard to find

The tool is unbeatable when it comes to finding email addresses of people who work at small to medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, when you’re trying to reach out to people at large corporations, the tool reaches its limitations. Still, it’s one of the best tools on the market.

Summing up

  • Norbert is super effective email finder. It generated us a pretty solid list of prospects. If you’re targeting small companies, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Yet, Norbert struggles with email addresses of people working at corporations.
  • You can integrate it with most popular emailing and CRM tools, even with your own database through API, which is the most convenient option for us.
  • The support crew is very knowledgable and responsive.
  • Data enrichment isn’t very accurate, but I’m sure it will become more developed with time.
  • The trial includes 50 free emails found and a bulk search is available on trial so I encourage you to try it.
  • The pricing is reasonable. Credits don’t roll over unless you’re on the highest plan, yet it’s not a deterrent from giving it a shot.

FAQ Section

1. How can business development teams utilize a free email finder and browser extension to enhance their outreach campaigns?

Business development teams can utilize a free email finder and browser extension to streamline the process of finding email addresses of target prospects, including decision-makers and contact persons relevant to their outreach campaigns. By integrating these tools into their workflow, teams can quickly gather corporate emails and email IDs, enabling them to build lists for email hunting and verification more efficiently. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that the outreach is directed towards the right message recipients, thereby increasing the chances of creating buzz and establishing more and better relations.

2. What are the advantages of using email finder tools like Voila Norbert for business development and link-building efforts?

Using email finder tools like Voila Norbert offers significant advantages for business development and link-building efforts by providing accurate results in finding the email addresses of key individuals within target organizations. These tools are fairly cheap and offer data-enriched contact information, which is crucial for personalizing outreach campaigns and building resourceful relationships. For link-building, specifically, being able to contact authors directly to build links or contribute content can lead to long-lasting relationships and enhanced online visibility.

3. How do business development teams ensure the accuracy of email addresses obtained through email hunting for cold outreach and sales fill activities?

Business development teams can ensure the accuracy of email addresses obtained through email hunting by employing email verification steps as part of their process. After using an email finder to gather potential contacts, running the email IDs through an email verification service helps filter out invalid or inactive addresses. This step is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of cold outreach and sales fill activities, as it minimizes bounce rates and improves the deliverability of their messages, ensuring that their efforts to build links and create buzz reach the intended recipients.

4. In what ways can building resourceful relationships through targeted email outreach benefit business development strategies?

Building resourceful relationships through targeted email outreach benefits business development strategies by establishing a foundation for mutual growth and opportunities. By reaching out to decision-makers and target prospects with personalized and relevant messages, business development teams can create opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and customer acquisition. These long-lasting relationships not only support immediate sales goals but also contribute to a network of allies and advocates that can provide value over time, such as through referrals, insights into industry trends, and support for future link-building or outreach campaigns.

5. What role does lead generation play in the success of business development teams, and how can accurate email finders contribute to this process?

Lead generation plays a critical role in the success of business development teams by providing a steady stream of potential clients and partners to engage with. Accurate email finders contribute significantly to this process by enabling teams to quickly and efficiently find email addresses of individuals who match their target prospect profile. With access to corporate emails and contact information for decision-makers, business development teams can tailor their outreach campaigns to meet the specific needs and interests of each prospect, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting leads into meaningful business relationships and ultimately driving growth with business development build lists and other tools.


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