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Culture map blog post

Using a Culture Map to Guide Your Cold Email Journey

When your emails cross borders, they do more than enter a new country. They enter a new set of expectations, standards, norms, customs and ways of communicating. Even when you’re speaking the same language.

How to Improve Cold Email Open and Reply Rates: Inbox Rotation 

We’ve made an important change to the way Woodpecker sends your campaigns. Our new Inbox Rotation feature will help you scale up your outreach despite recent changes in sending limits by many email service providers.

How (and why) to write a follow-up email after an in-person meeting

We get bombarded every day and half the night with endless requests for our time and attention. And even when we let our guard down for a second and open an email, click on a link or respond to someone somehow trying to get us to listen to them, we are conditioned to expect that 99% of these contacts are insincere, superficial and temporary. 

9 Tips for Making Your Cold Emails More Persuasive

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. Write a brief email to someone who doesn’t know you and who is not expecting to receive anything from you and persuade them to do something that you ask. 

woodpecker ai tools part 2

AI Guide for Writing Cold Emails: Part 2 – Prompts

Prompts are very important when creating AI-generated content because it tells the AI tool everything about the kind of content you want to produce. The more information you provide in your prompt, the more aligned the final product will be with what you have in mind.