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Sales & Promotion Follow-up

Using follow-up emails for sales and promotions is crucial for several reasons:
  • Maximizing Conversion: Not all potential customers make a purchasing decision immediately after receiving a promotional email. Follow-up emails give you a chance to reach out to those who may have been interested but didn't take action initially. This can significantly increase your conversion rates.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Repeated communication through follow-up emails can help build trust and credibility with your audience. Consistency in your messaging shows that you are serious about your offers and committed to serving your customers.
  • Addressing Objections and Concerns: Some potential customers may have objections or concerns that prevent them from making a purchase. Follow-up emails provide an opportunity to address these objections, offer solutions, and provide additional information that can help them overcome their hesitations.
  • Providing Additional Information: Follow-up emails allow you to provide more information about your products or services. You can share customer testimonials, case studies, product demonstrations, or details about limited-time promotions that may not have been included in the initial email.
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How to use these cold email templates

Browse templates from the categories on the left, choose one you like, and customize it in the editor. And that’s it! Copy the text to your clipboard or send it via email.

What industries do the templates cover?

We have cold email templates for sales, marketing, recruitment, real estate, and networking. We also included templates for follow-ups.

Can I customize the templates?

Of course – and you should! You can customize them directly on the website. Just click on the section you want to change and enter your text. Click "Confirm" to save your changes. Your changes will remain saved as long as you don't refresh the page.

Can you guarantee these templates will work?

We prepared our templates based on years of experience we have in cold outreach, and we've added tips to sections to shed more light on the best practices for cold emails. We can't guarantee the success of your campaign, though, as email copy is only one piece of the puzzle. It also depends on other factors like the quality of your prospect base, your technical settings, and many more.