What Is Woodpecker Partner Program And How Did We Start It?


Woodpecker Partner Program kicked off just a couple of months ago. We’ve created it to support the companies and the people who refer Woodpecker to their partners, customers, and friends. Today the program includes over 80 partners. In this post, I wanted to give you a little summary on how it works, who can be a part of it, and how we plan to develop it in the future. Read on to check what you can gain by becoming our partner.

How the Woodpecker Partner Program started

While talking to our customers, we discovered that many of them came to Woodpecker after a referral from a befriended company, a recommendation from an online course instructor, or a mention in an influencer’s resource. That was great news for us, obviously, and we decided to implement a system that would allow us to identify, which new customers came to us after a direct referral.

The first months after implementing the referral link tracking system, we found that a significant part of our new income was actually generated by accounts created after a referral. There was no official Partner Program then, and yet, there was a group of people who were actively recommending Woodpecker to their own partners and customers.

Those findings got us thinking about creating a program which would support and unite Woodpecker evangelists. Just a few weeks after, we had a first version of the Partner Program ready, and a first commission fee system implemented in Woodpecker.

How it works

The Woodpecker Partner Program members get an individual ID which they can use in the URLs leading to Woodpecker websites. This way, they can easily generate their own referral links and put them in their materials and messages.

We use cookies to identify who joined Woodpecker using a referral link. That’s how we know how many new customers came from referrals and who recommended us. The partners whose links were used by the new customers get a share of the monthly subscription fees. In other words, if you help us get a new customer, we share their monthly payments with you.

For more details on the partner’s commission fee system, check our Partner Program page.

The current status of the Partner Program
& plans for the future

So far 80 partners joined the program, and the list is growing every week. The first partners already received their commission fees. Maciej Kamiński, who is the manager of the program, is currently working on new resources and help materials for the partners.

Just a few days ago, he set up a closed group on Facebook, which all the partners will be invited to join. The group is going to be a place to share the knowledge about email outreach, the experiences with Woodpecker, and the best sales practices.

What’s in it for the partners?

We plan to provide our partners with the necessary know-how. We’re open to participating in their promotional and educational events, like webinars and podcasts, and actively support them in spreading the word about Woodpecker. We want you to gain a lot by joining the program, not only in terms of finance.

Who can join?

You don’t have to be a premium user to join the partner program. It’s natural that you’ll need to know the tool to recommend it, but we don’t expect our partners to be our paying customers. Of course, if you are a customer you’re more than welcome to join the program as well. It’s a great opportunity for all people involved in email outreach, both in sales and marketing, especially due to some extra materials that we are going to share with the partners.

For more details on the program, go to the Partner Program page. To join, just leave your email here and let Maciej get back to you.