Is Yesware Safe? 2024 User Reviews

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“Security is not a product, but a process.”

This saying rings true, especially when it comes to choosing the right tools for your business.

These days, safety and privacy are top concerns, and sales software like Yesware is no exception.

If you’re wondering, “Is Yesware safe?” you’re not alone.

With a mix of cool features and privacy concerns, we need to look at user reviews to get the full picture.

In this article, we’ll explore what real users are saying about Yesware’s safety and how it stacks up in 2024.

Let’s see if Yesware is the secure solution you need for your email outreach:

What is Yesware and how does it work?

Yesware - homepage

Yesware is a sales tool used to streamline your email outreach and boost your productivity. Integrated right into your Gmail or Outlook inbox, Yesware adds a suite of features that make it easier to connect with prospects and close deals.

Email tracking

One of Yesware’s key features is email tracking. It lets you know when recipients open your emails, click on links, or view attachments. This real-time feedback helps you follow up at the right time and with the right information.

Mail merge and scheduling

Yesware allows you to send personalized emails to multiple recipients at once using the mail merge feature. You can also schedule emails to be sent at optimal times, so your message gets noticed.

Save email templates

You can save email templates for your most frequently used messages. This saves time and keeps your outreach consistent. Just select a template, make any necessary adjustments, and hit send.

Attachment tracking

Yesware’s attachment tracking feature lets you see who opens your attachments and what pages they view. This insight helps you understand what interests your recipients the most.

In short, Yesware is a nice tool for sales teams looking to stay organized and maximize their outreach efforts.

What does Yesware say about its security?

Safety measures the tool takes, so you can answer is Yesware safe

Yesware takes user privacy and security pretty seriously.

Here’s a breakdown of their key practices to protect your data:


Yesware uses OAuth and OpenID for user authentication, which means they never have access to your Gmail or Office365 passwords. For Salesforce API access, OAuth is also used. Thanks to this approach, your login credentials are kept secure, and Yesware never sees your actual passwords.

Data collection and storage

Yesware collects metadata from your emails to make their features work. This includes header information and subject lines for outbound emails and replies.

They don’t store the body of your emails permanently. Temporary copies of email bodies are encrypted and deleted once transferred to your CRM. This keeps your email content safe – no sensitive information is stored longer than necessary.

Network security

All interactions between Yesware and Gmail occur over a secure TLS connection. It also applies to web reports and account management activities.

Yesware uses top-tier cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Heroku, employing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication to limit access strictly to authorized personnel.

Incident response and remediation

Yesware monitors their systems 24/7 for performance and errors. In case of any issues, their operations team is immediately notified, and inaccuracies are investigated swiftly.

If a serious incident occurs, users are notified via their blog, Twitter, or email. They work closely with hosting providers to quickly resolve any problems and stay secure.

Vulnerability management

Regular vulnerability scans are conducted on Yesware’s applications using industry-standard tools. Critical vulnerabilities are addressed immediately, while serious ones are fixed within 24 hours. Such a proactive approach aids in maintaining a secure environment for users.

Data confidentiality and retention

Yesware does not rent, sell, or trade your personal information without your consent. Employee access to customer data is strictly limited to what is necessary to resolve issues.

Backups of data are stored securely in the cloud with a maximum retention period of 90 days. If a security breach occurs, affected users are promptly notified.

Audits and compliance

Yesware maintains a SOC 2 Type II report, which you can request via your Account Manager. They also comply with the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ rating and have passed the Security Review.

Reporting security issues

Yesware has a responsible disclosure policy for security vulnerabilities. If you find a vulnerability, you can report it securely via email to [email protected]. They promise to handle your report confidentially and keep you informed about the resolution process.

In general, Yesware employs robust security measures to protect your data, so your email activities remain confidential and secure.

Whether it’s tracking emails, saving email templates, or managing mail merge campaigns, Yesware’s comprehensive security protocols help keep your information safe while boosting your sales productivity.

Yesware’s comprehensive security protocols

What do Yesware users say?

Official website announcements are one thing, but the reality might be different.

So let’s have a look at what real Yesware users think about this solution in terms of its privacy and security:

Privacy concerns with Gmail tracking

One user highlighted the need for Yesware to be more transparent about its Gmail tracking feature.

They mentioned:

We need to respect other people’s privacy. Yesware can be more vocal in demonstrating how Gmail users can disable the Gmail tracking feature. Although we as marketers might want this feature enabled (it is enabled by default), in the interest of fair business policy, why not also highlight in marketing materials how the Gmail tracking feature can be disabled?

This suggests that while the email tracking feature is useful, more information on how to disable it would be appreciated for better transparency.

Yesware's review


Love for mail merge and email tracking

Another user praised the mail merge and email tracking features, saying:

I love the mail merge feature! Mass emailing out of SFDC leaves a privacy policy message at the foot of every message, a feature that is most likely sending my spam rate through the roof. Also, the tracking of email opens is extremely valuable. The touchpoints feature is very nice as well. Also, the Yesware team is very supportive and are quick to answer any questions I have ever had.

This review underscores the value of Yesware’s sales software and the responsive customer success team, despite some privacy policy nuances.

Yesware's review


Concerns about email monitoring

A user expressed serious concerns about email privacy, stating:

There are some critical privacy issues and concerns for me with this software. Based on the pattern of Salesforce hovering over me during my ‘trial period’ – I am convinced these folks are reading the emails queued in my sent box. If so, then it’s UNETHICAL and all kinds of wrong. And it gives the sales wonks an unfair advantage because you have no idea who they are.

This review highlights a trust issue regarding the perceived monitoring of queued emails.

Yesware's review


GDPR complications but overall excellence

Another reviewer commented on the impact of GDPR, saying:

Not a lawyer but GDPR rules have made great tools like Yesware more complicated to use related to privacy rules of readers. However, overall, it’s an excellent product and I recommend it.

This feedback shows that while privacy regulations like GDPR add complexity, the overall functionality and user interface of Yesware still make it a recommended tool.

Yesware's review


Is Yesware safe?

Yesware employs robust security measures to protect your data, so your email activities remain confidential and secure.

The platform is appreciated for its features like email tracking, marketing automation, and the ability to create templates and schedule emails.

However, user reviews suggest that while Yesware’s security protocols are strong, there is room for progress in transparency and trust regarding privacy concerns.

Overall, Yesware remains a relatively reliable tool for sales teams looking to improve their outreach with effective computer software.

The better Yesware alternative for your sales team

Woodpecker - homepage

Woodpecker is a top choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Yesware.

It’s packed with features that make your email outreach easy and efficient.

With automated follow-ups, you can keep your sales pipeline active without constant manual effort.

Woodpecker integrates well with various tools for a smooth workflow.

Security is a big deal for us. We use strong encryption and multi-layered protection to keep your data safe. Plus, customizable email sequences, detailed analytics, and great customer support make Woodpecker a solid, secure choice for your sales team.

For more details on Woodpecker’s security, privacy and ethics, check out our:

Woodpecker's testimonial


After reviewing Yesware’s security measures and user feedback, it’s clear that Yesware takes privacy and data protection seriously.

They use robust authentication methods, secure data storage, and continuous monitoring to safeguard your information.

However, some users have raised concerns about email tracking and privacy transparency.

If those are deal-breakers for you, you should try alternative solutions.

One of them is Woodpecker – get started for free and see if you like it.