Ethical Code of Conduct

This Woodpecker Code of Ethics aims to set up the rules and common values for the ethical standard that we apply to deliver you the Service including main Woodpecker products and all side projects. 

Woodpecker takes compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations seriously. All of employees or representatives of Woodpecker (including or any individual acting as a direct representation of the Company) are prohibited from engaging in any unlawful activity when conducting Woodpecker’s business activities or in carrying out their day-to-day duties or services. Furthermore, we are all obliged to obey this Code of Ethics while using, presenting or developing Services. 

We rely on you to recognize potential problems and ask questions if you are ever unsure about the appropriateness of an action or occurrence. Whenever you are unsure, always ask. If you as our user, customer, trial user, viewer or prospect who received any content via our system feel that your rights has been violated you can always contact us via [email protected].

Respect for rights of others 

Respect for the rights of others, including their inherent dignity, is a fundamental principle of this code of ethics. Members shall not discriminate against or harass any individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other protected characteristic. Woodpecker is dedicated to  use information about others only in good faith and for legitimate purposes, refraining from any actions that would compromise their privacy or reputation.

Caring for the good name and reputation of individuals is of utmost importance to members of this code of ethics. Woodpecker shall never misuse information about others for personal gain or to cause harm, and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that any information they share about others is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Woodpecker shall also respect the confidentiality of sensitive information and shall only disclose such information to others on a need-to-know basis, with the express consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.

Woodpecker acknowledges the importance of preventing harm or violations of ethical standards by its users. The company shall exercise due care in providing users with the necessary tools and information to act in accordance with this code of ethics. In addition, Woodpecker shall take reasonable steps to monitor user activity and address any violations of this code. Any user found to have violated this code or caused harm to others will be subject to appropriate remedy or direct action on the side of the Company.

Respect for personal image 

Respect for personal image is a key principle of this code of ethics. Members shall not create, distribute or otherwise use AI generated videos or other media that could harm an individual’s reputation or privacy. Members shall also take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized use or misuse of personal images, and shall respect an individual’s right to control the use of their own image. In addition, members shall not engage in any activity that could be perceived as threatening or intimidating towards individuals, and shall take all necessary measures to prevent and address any such behavior by others. By all reasonable means one shall understood all actions that are proportionate from the business perspective and are the quickest way to

Woodpecker recognizes the importance of respecting personal image and preventing its misuse. The Company shall exercise due care to ensure that its users do not misuse personal images of others, including through the creation or distribution of AI generated videos or other media. Woodpecker shall also limit the use of automatically generated content, including videos, to legitimate purposes such as b2b sales, and shall take all reasonable steps to prevent their misuse or unauthorized distribution. 

Additionally, Woodpecker shall take appropriate measures to educate its users on the importance of respecting personal image, and shall take disciplinary action against any user found to have violated this principle or caused harm to others.

Privacy of your personal information is our key goal 

At Woodpecker, protecting the privacy of personal information is a top priority. All employees, partners, affiliates or any individual acting as a direct representation of the Company shall take all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information, including but not limited to names, contact details, financial information, and other sensitive data. All employees, partners, affiliates or any individual acting as a direct representation of the Company shall collect, use, and store personal information only for legitimate and lawful purposes, and shall take all necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Woodpecker shall also provide transparency to individuals regarding how their personal information is collected, used, and stored, and shall comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. Any breach of this principle by members shall result in appropriate disciplinary action.

To know more about our Privacy approach visit our Privacy Policy.