What Did We Talk About in our Webinar about GDPR Basics?

Not so long ago, I shared with you how our outbound sales team searches for prospects on Quora and what they write in an email. Today, I’d like to present you one of our webinars, and at the same time, teach you more about GDPR.

The final call for being GDPR compliant falls on May 25, 2018. So, about 3 weeks left until you can pay a fine for ignoring the regulation. Since many of you process the personal data of EU citizens, Woodpecker committed itself to educate you about the General Data Protection regulation.

Cathy wrote a huge blog post in which she explained what GDPR is and its influence on cold email campaigns. She also published GDPR FAQ, a list of questions we got from our customers who struggled to understand the changes in the law. The Woodpecker team invited newsletter subscribers, app users and people from Quora for a series of webinars about GDPR.

I want to show you the fragments of the first GDPR webinar. The Woodpecker support crew still gets asked about GDPR a lot so those bits may clear things out for you. We hosted the webinar a month or so ago. Luke, our Growth Specialist, interviewed Margaret, who’s responsible for GDPR at Woodpecker. She’s also the Head of Customer Support.

What did we cover in Woodpecker GDPR Basics webinar?

If you wish to watch the full webinar. It’s on our YouTube channel here >>

Should you hire somebody from outside to comply with GDPR?

The first clip is about the organizational changes you need to make at your company to become GDPR compliant. Some small businesses are thinking about hiring somebody from outside to help them with implementing changes to how they handle personal data at their company. But is it the only approach?

So should you use an external help to make your company GDPR compliant? You don’t need to. First things first, spend some time to categorize personal data you process at your company. If you feel that there’s a danger that someone from outside may access the personal data you keep, you need to assess it and reduce the danger.

How can I conduct a Risk Assessment at my company?

When you process sensitive data, you need to assess the risk of data leak or mismanagement at your company. Margaret tells you how to do that in the clip below.

Don’t get scared by the Risk Assessment. It’s doable. Spend 2-3 days identifying potential threats to the personal data breach. Think about what you can do if a situation like that occurs. And assess how much harm it could cause. There’s nothing complicated about it.

Download GDPR Compliance Checklist >>

Are there any penalties for not complying with GDPR?

I chose to include this clip as a lot of people get truly scared by potential GDPR fines. But respecting GDPR is not as complicated as many would believe it so.

How long can I keep the data for under GDPR?

This one refers to a new principle of personal data processing introduced by the new regulation, that is “storage limitation”. The storage limitation principle holds that you cannot keep the data longer that it’s necessary. But it doesn’t give you what that means.

You cannot keep the data of your prospects forever. It violates GDPR. According to the regulation, you need to delete the personal data, once you don’t have a valid reason for processing it. As for cold email campaigns, you should remove your prospects’ personal data from your contact list when they don’t reply to any of your emails. We recommend removing them after 30 days. But set any limit for yourself. Just be able to justify it.

Should I be afraid of GDPR?

There’s a lot of scares around GDPR. But should we be worried? Let’s find out from the fragment of Woodpecker GDPR webinar.

Should I get a legal audit?

Some of our users wonder whether GDPR requires them to conduct a legal audit of their company or an ISO certification. You can find an answer to that in the YouTube clip below.

If you still wondering what is there to do:

Download GDPR Compliance Checklist >>

Where can I get more info about GDPR?

The topic of the General Data Protection Regulation is very extensive. If you wish to know more about it, check out the resources we prepared for you.

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Do you still have some questions concerning GDPR? Comment below and we will try to answer them.