What is Data-as-a-Service And Why Would You Use It? Interview with EasyLeadz

Usually, I reach out to prospect list building tools like Hunter, LeadFuze or UpLead to review them for our Prospect List Building Series which has become a regular segment on our blog. As a side note, Hunter was our 14th installment.

But when I found EasyLeadz, I thought it would be a nice addition to our “prospect list building” family. They’re not a tool. Actually, they changed their business models to offer “Data-as-a-service”. I was intrigued enough to ask Tushar Jawa from EasyLeadz for an interview and here it is. Let’s go.

About EasyLeadz

Easyleadz started as a SaaS company. Yet, they pivoted to build a new, interesting business model known as “Data-as-a-Service” (or DaaS, for short). In that service, they build on-demand, targeted B2B contact lists for clients as per their ideal customer profile.

Tushar told me that they collect data from open web sources by implementing machine learning and human touch. All the email addresses that EasyLeadz provides are verified, and when I asked about their data accuracy, they said the lists have 90%+ accuracy, which is pretty good considering how difficult is to provide a verified and targeted list of prospects these days.

Let’s read the interview I conducted with Tushar to learn more about EasyLeadz.

What is the greatest benefit of using EasyLeadz?

Tushar: One of the most obvious benefits is the time that we save for individuals and sales teams which they can use more productively on talking to prospects and closing deals. Since our processes are set up in a way that allows us to scale up contact list building for different targeting criteria, I would say we deliver uniquely on two fronts:

  1. we align ourselves to the lead generation process and changing requirements of any company or individual that partners with us;
  2. we ensure the whole criteria is mapped correctly such as the right industry segments, company size, job titles and not just accurate email addresses.

For example, if you are looking to target Marketing heads and are instead getting contacts for marketing managers you are still missing out on reaching the right decision-maker. EasyLeadz can help you solve that.

How does the process of building database look with EasyLeadz?

Tushar: As a user, you simply fill out complete targeting requirements in a simple Google form. We share a sample of contacts based on the criteria for quality check (up to 20 contacts). If the sample is satisfactory and up to your expectations, you can go ahead and place an order. Our team handles building a B2B database.

Do I need any additional tools or add-ons to use EasyLeadz efficiently?

Tushar: You will need a tool for cold email outreach like Woodpecker to run email campaigns for the prospects delivered by our team. But when it comes to prospecting tools, EasyLeadz is all you need.

In our data set, we also deliver LinkedIn profile URL of the contacts which can be used for running targeted ads or messaging campaigns on LinkedIn, so if you’re not into cold outreach, but want to run ads, you can use the dataset for it too.

What kind of information can I actually get using EasyLeadz?

Tushar: You will get the following data points from our team:

  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Company Social Handles
  • Employee Size
  • Industry
  • Contact Name
  • Professional Verified Email Address
  • Linkedin Profile URL
  • Web stack (Technologies used, identifiable via website)
  • Funding information (if any)
  • Niche classification like SaaS, E-commerce, Fintech, etc.

How many contacts can I have per month?

Tushar: A minimum starting volume is 1000 contacts. We don’t provide fewer contacts than that. Nevertheless, users can purchase as many contacts as they need beyond 1000. We have a pay-as-you-go pricing model which allows users to scale up according to their requirements.

How much is it?

Tushar: For a market-based approach, it costs 25 cents per contact. In the case of niche targeting criteria, it varies between 35 cents to $1 per contact. Per contact, the price goes down with higher volume requirements. Users can request a free sample in which we deliver 20 contacts for quality check.

That’s all about EasyLeadz

What do you think about the interview? Will you give EasyLeadz a shot? I must say they have a pretty interesting business model. I strongly encourage you to read our blog post about 3 ways of prospecting and I’m adding EasyLeadz to our 31 Tools & Services for Outbound Prospect List Building >>