Woodpecker Prospecting Webinar Vol.1

At the end of last year, our outbound sales team hosted a webinar made for Quora users interested in lead generation. It was their first webinar, therefore, the outbound team wanted the audience to be relatively small. We thought you might be interested in watching the webinar and learning more about our approach to list building. So today, we’re publishing the webinar, and at the same time, officially launching Woodpecker YouTube channel.

Why we decided to carry out a prospecting webinar?

When we reviewed our 65 customer interviews, it turned out that prospect list building is the most cumbersome part for our customers and they would like to read more on that topic.

That’s why we decided to look into the matter and prepare more content on it. Since the outbound team has the greatest number of tips and tricks when it comes to prospecting, it was a no-brainer that they’ll prepare their first webinar on it.

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What you can learn in the webinar?

The webinar covers basic areas of prospecting. It teaches you where to begin, the tools that come in handy when looking for prospect contact info, and some common do’s and don’ts.

#1 – What to do before looking for contacts

Luke talks about how to decide which b2b companies to contact and how to identify the decision makers in those companies. It also teaches you how to build your Ideal Customer Profile which will serve as a guide in parsing through the companies you stumble upon and locating decision makers.

#2 – Buying a ready-made list vs doing it by yourself

Luke discusses two approaches to building a list of prospects. He tries to conclude whether purchasing a list of prospects done by somebody else is worth it. He talks about in-house prospecting and how to scale it using their recent outreach effort as an example.

#3 – Where to look for prospects

There are many different places where you can find prospects. Luke covers some of them which are a nice addition to our 15 Places Where You Can Find Prospects, Other Than LinkedIn >>

One place is discussed at length and that place is Quora. That’s why our outbound team searched through Quora to find prospects interested in learning more about outbound. There’s a separate blog post about it as well. How We Asked People on Quora to Join Our Webinar >>

#4 – What prospecting tools to use

The later part of the webinar covers some of the prospecting tools that we used in the past. Luke tells you how to use them effectively when building a list of prospects for your cold email campaign.

#5 – Prospecting do’s and don’ts

And lastly, There are various prospect list building things to follow and avoid.


  • Define your ICP
  • Cherry pick your contacts
  • Research them
  • Verify their email addresses
  • If you search for you prospect for more than 5 minutes its best to be efficient and not waste time on finding just that one prospect.


  • Buy email lists
  • Generate lists with a wide array of companies
  • Give up on contacting your ICP company if you can’t find the best contact person
  • Generate a list of prospects that have nothing in common with each other
  • Focusing on the quantity not quality
  • Sending a campaigns to not verified email addresses

And that was it for our prospecting webinar.

What’s the topic of the next webinar?

It was the only webinar the outbound sales team carried out so far but we’re thinking about doing many more. We’d like to make a webinar about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) early this spring. What do you think? Would you like us to do a webinar on another topic? Share it in the comments.

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