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How SaaS for E-commerce Can Generate Leads Through Email: Jumper.ai

Positive feedback from a satisfied customer is always a huge motivator that gives us wings. Recently we had a pleasure to interview Jumper.ai team who shared their experience with Woodpecker and told us a few words about how it helped them reach new customers. Read the full story below.

Working at Woodpecker: 3 Principles We Stand By

Recently our CEO Matt Tarczynski, together with two other start-up founders, took part in an interview broadcasted by Radio Wroclaw. They engaged in an interesting discussion about modern labor market trends, the role of a leader in the modern world and Millennials’ attitude towards work, money, and life in general. Between the lines, Matt gave some first-hand insights about the core values we live by in Woodpecker. Read more what principles we cherish at Woodpecker.

5 Tools to Improve Your Cold Email Campaigns(+ Bonus One)

Here's another blog post for you. This time the one everybody loves to talk about -- tools. I asked one cold email sender about his recommendations and he quickly put this blog post together. Learn what he uses to send his cold email campaigns.

7 Little-Known Woodpecker Features, and Do you Use Them?

Who doesn't love discovering new app hacks or using features that could help them? I'm sure there's a tech-savviness inside of most of you. And most of you would love to find out whether you use the app to the fullest. We have some app hacks for you. Let's find out if you know about them.

4 Things You Need To Know When Choosing An Email Provider

There are a couple of things you need to pay attention to before you set up a separate email account for outbound. But first, what are the services that offer email accounts? The most popular email host among our users is Gmail. Then, we tend to spot accounts at Outlook, Zoho and GoDaddy. But you can also set up an account at Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, ProtonMail, Rackspace, and the like.

How to Analyze Campaigns Beyond Open Rates?

Have you ever wondered how to track link clicks in your campaigns? Seems Adam Ziółkowski has found a way when he worked on outbound campaigns at Livespace. It's a tactic borrowed from marketing. You just put UTM tags and monitor your campaign in Google Analytics. Read to learn from Adam how to do it.

Customer Case Study: How Katallyze.io Uses Email to Help their Clients

I got the pleasure to talk with one of our customers, Kwesi from Katallyze.io, who uses the Woodpecker Agency Panel. Kwesi answered all of my questions about cold emailing at their company, and I'm sure you can get a lot of useful advice from it.