The Better You Know How Email Works, the Higher Your Open Rate

There’s a reason why we have 20+ email deliverability articles published on this blog. In order to be a pro at cold emailing and get outstanding results, you need to know how email works. Knowing how email works, however, doesn’t mean writing the best email template out there. It goes well beyond email copy. It means knowing how email is sent and using this knowledge to schedule campaigns.

Where to learn about email sending from?

There are a couple of resources we follow at Woodpecker to learn about email sending and deliverability. We read ReturnPath, Sendgrid, MXToolbox, TowerData, plus a few blogs run by popular email tools. MailChimp, for example, has a great deliverability PDF for beginners.

Yet, the majority of those resources target email marketing.

Since cold email automation tool sends emails differently than a marketing one, we had to adapt those resources to the way we work here. Likewise, we had to interpret them for the way Woodpecker sends emails.

We started writing our own internal docs that would help us resolve our customers’ deliverability problems.

It turned out that some of the questions were popping up, again and again, so we decided to publish our own deliverability articles here, on this blog. We covered many topics from sending records to email deliverability checklist for cold email senders.

By that time, Cathy, Meg and I have produced a mountain of content about deliverability’s best practices. Still, something was missing and I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. And then, it hit me. We needed a bridge between email deliverability’s best practices and scheduling an email campaign.

That’s why I’ve written a new ebook I would like to announce now – Deliverability 101.

**Get your copy of Deliverability 101**

It’s an ultimate resource that teaches you the basics of email, deliverability and campaign sending settings. With that ebook, scheduling a large campaign won’t be a problem. Similarly, you won’t feel lost if you get lots of email bounces – you’ll know what could go wrong.

Who is “Deliverability 101” for?

I think both cold email novices and those more seasoned senders can find something for themselves in the ebook.

Non-IT people will understand the email sending process

Let’s say you’re just starting out with cold email automation. You set up an account, you’ve read that it’s better to have a separate domain for email outreach, so you bought one and now, you set up your first campaign, but none of your email address got blacklisted. Why is that? It’s probably because you’re sending huge campaigns from a domain that’s not ready for outreach.

Or let’s assume, that you’ve configured your domain and email address by following our advice, you scheduled a few small cold email campaigns, however, Woodpecker has sent none of your emails so far. Is the tool broken?

Senior cold email senders learn how to manage multiple campaigns

I’m sure when you use Woodpecker for a while, you want to send a few campaigns simultaneously. The ebook will help you schedule the sending, so that you can avoid reaching your email provider sending limits, and give Woodpecker so large sending windows as to get all the messages out.

Moreover, the ebook is a great knowledge gap between more experienced email senders and new hires. Through reading the ebook, new people on your team will know how to handle a cold email campaign.

**Get your copy of Deliverability 101**

What can you find in the ebook?

The ebook is composed of three parts.

The first part teaches you all about email. Don’t worry. It doesn’t get too technical. It’s enough for you to recognize why you need to prepare your domain for email automation. The second part is all about email deliverability’s basic metrics. It shows you stuff like bounce rate or email engagement rate. The third part will help you schedule your cold email campaign so that everything runs smoothly.

Have a preview of the ebook’s content.

deliverability ebook table of contents

All in all, the ebook serves as an awesome compliment to this blog.

Summing up

We’ve written approximately 20 blog posts about email deliverability. You can read all of them by going straight to the deliverability category on our blog. Those blog posts were inspired by the questions we got from you and from our customers. They are a great part of the Woodpecker blog and met with a warm reception from you guys.

Yet, the topic is in no way exploited. We have more deliverability blog posts coming so stay tuned for that. If you have some topic suggestions, please leave them in a comment below. For now, enjoy the ebook.

**Get your copy of Deliverability 101**