Introducing Done & Delivered – Our Newest Video Series

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Before joining Woodpecker, about 8 months ago, I had never heard about cold emails. I didn’t know what they were, or any of the rules and best practices associated with them. You could say that I was… left out in the cold.

But, this week marks the premiere of my own deliverability-focused video series, D&D. So, you may be wondering – how did it come about?

A new idea arrives

Fortunately, thanks to my amazing co-workers and the resources created by them over the past few years (such as this blog), I was able to quickly gain the knowledge necessary to create educational content for our YouTube channel (which I highly recommend, by the way).

So one day, when Cathy, our CMO, proposed the idea of my original video series, we both immediately knew what it was going to be about – my journey from an absolute beginner in the topic of cold emails, a complete noob, to – let’s say – an intermediate level. Starting your cold email journey can be daunting, and so, we wanted to show all the other beginners out there what they can expect.

The challenge right now was to figure out a way in which we could talk about my learning journey which, frankly, as usual, was a very linear, boring process from the outside (I mean, just picture a guy sitting in front of a computer for a couple months), in a new light, in an engaging way.

Leveling up

For that, I knew I wanted to share my internal journey, the feelings and the conversations that have transpired over that time period. I asked myself a question – which may seem a little bit backwards – “What is the goal of this entire process?”

The answer is easy. The entire reason why you may want to set up SPF and DKIM, and all the other technical records, why you may want to read this blog and learn the nuances of sending emails, why you may want to use Woodpecker and all its automated features, is to achieve the absolute peak of deliverability.

And why would you want that? Well, to book more clients, more meetings, to increase sales… You name it.

Done & Delivered - mountain

That’s right. The peak of this mountain of deliverability. Are you starting to get it? If you think about it, the journey towards perfect email deliverability is very similar to a mountain climb. If you go the wrong way, if you slip up once, if you trust the wrong person, and never course-correct, you’re never going to reach the peak.

Becoming the Deliverability Master

Am I the expert when it comes to these topics? No. Not even close.

But, I can be your guide. I can share my experience, invite real experts to talk about advanced concepts, introduce you to the best possible resources, etc. We’ll go through this journey together.

We’ll start at the meeting place, at the foothills of the mountain, cross the Bridge of the Limits, observe the SPAM valley, climb the Wall of Personalization, and crawl through the Signature Cave.

Until, finally, hopefully in one piece, we’ll reach our goal at the Peak of Deliverability. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

All that in an attempt to guide you towards becoming the master of your destiny… I mean, of email deliverability. But, if you think about it, it’s both, really. Cold emails are truly an incredible (and an incredibly simple) tool. They can open whole new multiverses of possibilities, which you didn’t even know existed. You just have to treat them right.

The final riddle

Oh, and one last thing – the name of this new series. It’s a journey, so how about… D&D?

Yes, I like that.

And that’s because soon, very soon, all of your messages will be Done & Delivered.

You’ll find this and next episodes on our YouTube channel, starting today.

So, see you there.