We Got Seed Funding

Woodpecker Meeting III – We Can Call it a TraditionWe are happy to announce that on the 7th of May (after 5 hours spent in a notarial office) we finalized the agreement on pre-seed funding with Xevin Lab, a part of Xevin Investments. We are thrilled to be supported by the well-respected Poland-based fund focusing on innovative, high-potential companies developing new technologies and media market solutions (we especially like the ‘innovative, high-potential’ part). We also feel honoured to be selected from numerous Central and Eastern Europe promising start-ups.

What does the funding mean to us?

We’ve been bootstrapping all the way with our previous project and fun as it’s been, it’s been also very difficult. With the financial and advisory support we get from Xevin, we will be able to expand our team, achieve our product development and marketing goals faster, and in result launch the application faster than we would on our own.

What does it mean to you?

As now we’re working on Woodpecker at full steam, we will be able to launch first private beta version ‘till the end of May. We’ve got a still-growing list of beta testers. They opted to access the private beta version of Woodpecker in a couple of weeks not only to use it, but also to help us make it the best tool available for cold email and follow-up automation. If you want to get early access to Woodpecker as well, go to our site Woodpecker.co and sign up for beta tests.

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Cathy is the Woodpecker blog’s creator. She used to spend lots of time contacting prospects, especially via email. One of the few people on Earth who read crappy cold emails from start to end and analyze them – for purely educational purposes. Taking care of this blog, reporting Woodpecker’s journey on the pursuit of happy openings, successful closures and all the new skills we acquire in between.

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