How Do You Generate Recruitment Leads?

As a recruiter, you know that the only way to get the attention of potential applicants is to stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy, but with the right tools at your hand, you can generate recruitment leads through outreach via email.

Here’s how Woodpecker can help you do that easier and save some of your precious time. Let’s face it – nobody likes sitting and sending follow-ups. Now you can have that covered and focus on looking for even more promising candidates instead.

Extend the sourcing of your candidate

Focus on what you do best, which is producing high-quality candidates.

In order to find them, you need to step up your sourcing game, with personalized emails and deliver results automatically into the client’s CRM system. You do not have to worry about the most repetitive tasks, as they will be handled by Woodpecker.

To get rid of the daunting part of your job (like sending your follow-ups manually), you plug your email to Woodpecker, set up a personalized campaign and let the follow-ups be sent on your behalf. Once you get a response – the follow-up sequence stops automatically for the person who replied. You get all of the responses directly to your email as well. Sounds like something you could try? Keep reading.

Ok, so how do you automate the recruitment follow-up process?

The first step, as already mentioned, is connecting your email to Woodpecker. You can do that no matter which email provider’s services you use. Next, you write the messages and paste it into Woodpecker. Upload your list of contacts. You can upload all the data you need for sending and personalization, like: email address, LinkedIn profile URL, name, country, city, position and much more, including your custom snippets of information that you want to use in a message.

Woodpecker will help you reach your recruiting goals on time and build a good applicant acquiring system. You will be able to achieve it by reaching out to them with a personalized email sequence. This way, you’ll keep your client’s pipeline fully loaded.

Here’s a more detailed guide to do just that.

How to convince top players to change their job?

If you aim at convincing top players to change their job, you’ll definitely need personalized messaging.

Do some good research and pick the best candidates for your client. See what motivates them at work and send them a personal message around just that. Try to find a reason for them – why should they make a next career move?

Here’s a few ideas that may come in handy.

What else can Woodpecker do for a recruitment agency?

Getting new candidates ready for meetings is your bread and butter, but that’s not all Woodpecker can help you with at your recruitment company.

Get referrals for your agency website

Trust is very important when it comes to getting more customers for your recruitment agency. If you want your potential clients to find you trustworthy, the best way to prove it is to get referrals from your present customers. Woodpecker can help you with that and, as a result, help you get more inquiries from new companies interested in your service.

Make a list of your present customers and set up a campaign with a few follow-ups in Woodpecker just for them. In your messages, thank them for being with you, add some personalized notes, and kindly ask for writing a short referral. Offer something in exchange to get more replies – a time-limited discount for your service, or a coupon they’ll be able to use in another service.

Sounds like something worth trying?