7 little known ways to get more emails delivered & responded

What you don't know about these rules of outbound prospecting could be invisibly harming your sales!

Let us show you a better way

In 60 minutes or less we'll show you step-by-step how to boost deliverability & get more replies with outbound prospecting

  • 75%+ people use gmail BUT gmail delivers "mass blast emails" to the promotions tab. Let us show you how to almost ALWAYS get to delivered to the "Primary" tab.
  • If your domain is less than 6 months old (or never used for outbound), let us show you how to warm it up (fast and for free) so you can avoid getting you domain blacklisted.
  • Not an expert copywriter? Can't afford an expensive prospecting coach? Let us show how to instead create easy 2 mins videos (anyone can do) that massively boost replies.
  • Top SDRs and recruiters know a little secret, conversational copy / CTAs produce the highest reply rates. Let us show you the #1 CTA in 2022 for people whose jobs and companies depend on outbound.
  • Tiny cracks in your outbound sales process are costing you conversions. Let us show you how to find and fix them, so you can get 100's of more replies with almost no extra work.
  • Needs leads? Top notch warm up & deliverability AND tight email copy and video messaging are worthless without a reliable target lead source. Let us show you reliable leads sources we trust!
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Email Response Expert

Justin Zimmerman

Partnerships, Woodpecker

Justin Zimmerman Email Response Expert

Justin has perfected the "art of conversational lead generation" and often achieves a 50% response rate on his campaigns.

His conversational lead generation approach leverages the precision of audience targeting on LinkedIn with the one-to-one email sales automation provided by Woodpecker.

Video sales expert

Darius Santos

Co-founder, Dubb

Darius Santos Video Sales Expert

Co-founder of Dubb.com, a video sales platform for prospectors, sales teams, start ups, and lead generation agencies.

Darius trains 100's of new and experienced sales people every month on the "3 Simple Steps To Boost Engagement With Micro Videos" and loves showing people how to "do video outbound" right.


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For anyone in a sales, marketing, or at a start up looking to generate lead, but aren't 100% sure they have the right tools OR the right deliverability settings configured correctly.

Woodpecker is email tool designed for automated 1-to-1 outbound prospecting and lead generation, not mass marketing like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Dubb is a video email sales tool designed for sale people looking to leverage video for higher engagement as well as automate commonly repeated content.

As soon as you register you can sign up without a credit card and begin using either / both Woodpecker & Dubb.