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How to Send a Follow-up Email After No Response

Many cold email senders seem to think that a great opening message is what you need to master outbound email outreach. Well, it is indeed – but it’s also not enough.
Follow-up emails to those who didn’t respond to your initial message are a must if you think of a truly effective cold email campaign.
One thing we see at Woodpecker is that it’s often the follow-up that makes them reply.
So here’s your Follow-up Guide, aka – all you need to know before you send follow-ups.

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How to Write a Follow-up Email If You Haven’t Heard Back – Tips & Real-life Examples

A couple of weeks ago Cathy, our CMO and founder of the Woodpecker blog, got a cold email.
Big news, right? She gets lots of cold emails.
Well, she gets lots of bad cold emails.
This one was good.
As were the follow-ups.
In fact, Cathy liked them so much that she asked the sender, Nick from Linkio, if he wanted to collect his tips for writing effective follow-ups in a guest post.
So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is – a collection of practical tips and real-life examples for how to write a follow-up if you haven’t heard back, courtesy of Nick Campbell.

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How to contact prospects that didn’t respond

When prospects don’t respond or even open your first email in the campaign, you might be thinking of another way to contact them again.
This article will give you two quick workarounds that you could do in Woodpecker – create a new campaign or add steps to an existing campaign

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10 Reasons Why Your Cold Emails Are Getting No Response

Email outreach is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your business. It’s perfect for converting leads, driving sales and making business relationships.
If you are not getting the desired results then it’s time for a big email spring clean.
We’ve analyzed 10 reasons why your outbound email campaigns may not be reaching the response rate you expect them to, or are not generating any responses at all. Either way, there’s always room for improvement in cold emailing.
With this list in mind, start checking your outreach process from start to finish.

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What to Do if You Feel Like Cold Emails Don’t Work for You?

Have you ever felt like that? You’ve sent a cold email campaign and you got a really poor response. “Argh, this just doesn’t work for me…” I bet most of us have thought that at least once. In moments like that, we are usually demotivated and we feel helpless. We feel like we want to give up. But if you give up too soon, you might miss a lot of opportunities.
Before giving up on cold emailing, you can do at least 12 things to verify if cold emails really don’t work for you, or if they haven’t worked for you because you were missing something in your approach. See what you can do.

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Dos and Don’ts in Cold Emailing. How to Write a Cold Email that Wins Leads?

You created a highly targeted prospect list and carefully scheduled the campaign. Everything went smoothly from the technical side, yet you received just a few positive replies. What went wrong, then?
The problem may be in the message itself. Read on to learn what are the dos and don’ts for writing cold emails. Check what you can change in your cold email copy and subject line to get more positive replies.
First of all, avoid vague subject lines. Even though we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, sometimes we can’t help it. Have you ever picked a bottle of wine just because the label caught your attention? 

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How to Avoid the SPAM Folder

When you send out an email, it goes through a series of SPAM-filtering tests that determine whether it will be let through to the inbox.
And sure, this doesn’t really stand in the way of your email getting through when you want to just grab a coffee with friends (unless there’s 500 of them and you’re emailing them all at once with the same message), but it might prove problematic when you’re reaching out to prospects or clients and your messages keep being mistaken for SPAM.
See how to make sure your emails are getting exactly where you want them to – to the contact’s main inbox.

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My Open, Reply or Interest Cold Email Metrics are Low, What Can I A/B Test?

Cold outreach needs a lot of experimentation before you get it right. You can tinker with cold email copy, subject line, CTA, and other elements to optimize your cold email. However, how do you know what to focus on?
Thankfully, you’ve got a stats board and you’re able to clearly see what’s not working. Below, I’ll focus on three crucial cold email rates and what to do to give them a boost. And that boost usually comes from A/B testing one element.

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How to send a follow-up email after no response

Imagine you messaged someone and received no response, it happens a lot and unfortunately pretty often, even to the best cold email writers.
Do not worry though, as there are 5 key rules which will show you how to react.
First one would be to always send a follow-up, which might be too obvious, but only 30% of cold email senders send at least one follow up.
So once you send a follow up, you will show your recipient that you care more than most of the people who have ever reached out to him or her.

14 Deliverability Checks to Carry Out Before Sending Your Cold Email Campaign

You can have control over your cold email deliverability. In outbound outreach, it’s crucial how many of the emails you send actually get to your prospects’ inboxes.
There are at least 14 points on a deliverability checklist that you can, and should, go through before you start off your Woodpecker email campaign. We’ve listed them in this blog post in three categories. Some of them you may already know of, but some may be new for you.
Check the list and see if you’re doing everything you can to ensure that your cold emails actually get to their destination.

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How Email Automation Helps Us Manage Cold Outreach

So you’ve got your email and follow-up copy and a good-quality list of prospects. You’re ready to start sending. You just can’t wait to see the first replies…
So how do you actually get about sending? That’s easy. You sit down in front of your desktop. You start your email client. You create a new message.
You take the first contact from your list. You copy it and paste it to the new message. Then, you copy the text of your first email and paste it to the new message as well.

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How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Works in 6 Steps

In order to get replies, a cold email has to be short yet powerful, and intriguing. For this reason, each part of this short message has to deliver value and play a crucial communicative role.
At Woodpecker, we get an inside look at what determines whether a message will have a high response rate or not. Using what we’ve learned, we’ve put together these 6 tremendously important steps to help you write effective cold emails.
To begin with, let’s take a closer look at what a cold email is today and how the approach to writing cold emails has changed over the years.

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