Cold email course

  • 3.1 What is a cold email?
  • Cold email is a way to start a meaningful business relationship.

    Its goal is not to convert right away, but rather to build a relation between you and your prospects - that eventually leads to them converting. To put it differently, it’s about warming those leads up. Little by little.

    Outbound outreach can become your number one sales channel. When you think about it, a single cold email can be a pretty powerful thing.

    But it’s only that powerful if it’s done the right way. And unfortunately, it’s quite easy to go wrong if you don’t know what to pay attention to when you’re writing your email copy. 

    In this lesson you’ll learn how to write a cold email that actually works.

  • 1 min

    See what a cold email is and what it’s supposed to do (and what it’s not supposed to do).