Cold email course

  • 3.7 Spam-triggering words
  • One more thing you should be mindful of when you’re writing your emails are spam-triggering words.

    Spam-triggering words are words often used by spammers that can alarm anti-spam filters and divert your messages to prospects’ spam tab instead of their main inbox. You can find lists of these words on the internet. Some of them are e.g. “best price”, “cheap” and “giving away”.

    Make sure you don’t use any of them in your email copy. Steer away from salesy expressions. Instead, keep the tone of your message friendly and casual. You wouldn’t email your friend saying e.g. “once in a lifetime occasion” or “special offer”, would you?

    Keep in mind, though, that not all of them are these sleazy salesy phrases. Some of them you wouldn’t expect to find on such a list, like “marketing” or “cost”. 

    Of course this doesn’t mean that your emails are going to land in the spam folder just because you put the word “marketing” in them. The issue of deliverability is much more complex than that. 

    But if you’re not aware which words can alarm anti-spam filters, you might unintentionally write an email that’s riddled with them, which will decrease the chances of getting to the main inbox.

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    Check out what to pay attention to when you’re writing your cold email copy so you avoid the prospect’s spam folder.