Cold email course

  • 4.4 How to boost sales engagement with follow-ups?
  • Some contacts will open your email once, others - twice or more. It means some of them will be more engaged from the beginning, while others less so. If you leverage that knowledge, you can adjust the content of your next follow-up to boost their engagement and increase the chance they’ll take an action.  

    Woodpecker allows you to schedule a condition-based follow-up sequence. It means that you can prepare two versions of a follow-up and choose a condition that will trigger Woodpecker to send either this or that message. 

    One follow-up will be sent if the condition is met, or in other words when a prospect takes a specific action or when certain criteria is fulfilled, and the other one in the opposite case. As a result, a prospect will get a message tailored to their level of engagement or specific characteristics that will hit the right chord.

    So for example, more engaged contacts, those who opened your email at least twice, will be sent a case study or additional materials. While the rest will get another email - with a different value proposition or describing other benefits that may appeal to their needs more.

  • 2 min

    Learn how to improve your campaign’s results thanks to engagement-based follow-ups in Woodpecker.