Cold email course

  • 2.3 Step #2 Find places online where your prospects hang out
  • It’s time to find places online where your ideal customers gather to exchange ideas and talk about their business problems.

    I bet the first place that came to your mind was LinkedIn. And sure, LinkedIn has been the go-to platform for finding B2B leads for some time now.

    You can use Sales Navigator, but it’s also a good idea to browse through posts and comment sections. 

    But what I’d recommend in general, is to not only limit yourself to LinkedIn.

    Depending on your ICP, you can prospect on various Facebook groups, industry foras, Q&A platforms such as Quora, software marketplaces like Capterra, G2 - or ProductHunt if you’re targeting start-ups.

    You may also look on platforms for online courses, like Udemy. Pick a course that’s relevant to your product or service and go through the comments - it may turn out that the participants need what you’re offering.

    These are just a few examples. Think about your target group and do a little research to find the places where they gather to talk.

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    Find out how to tackle step #2: finding places to prospect.