Cold email course

  • 1.5 Warming up: send a couple of emails a day manually
  • Now start sending a couple of emails manually at various times of day. In a perfect scenario, you’d also get some replies to your messages. You can send these emails to your colleagues or family and ask them to respond. The reply rate matters to email providers a lot.

    Also, it’s best if you send to email accounts set at various email providers.

    This process should go on for about two weeks, during which you gradually increase the number of emails sent. 

    Start slow, from about 5 emails a day, then increase it to 10, then - 20, and so on until you get to the number you need to get to. And when you actually start sending at scale, don’t go straight from 30 a day to 200 a day.

    Even after you start your regular campaigns, don’t go overboard - up to 50 emails (opening and follow-ups) per day is enough to keep your outreach going smoothly.

    Note: if you have a fresh domain, the warm-up should take longer than just two weeks. It should take about 3 months. A fresh domain needs to earn its reputation, and anti-spam filters treat every domain as suspicious if it’s younger than a month.

    So take your time warming up a freshly registered domain. It might seem unnecessary, but trust me - it’s a must that will save you from issues later on.

  • 2 min

    Find out how many emails you should send and in what time period to properly warm up your email account.