Cold email course

  • 3.5 The pitch, aka value proposition
  • This part is the essence of your cold email. It’s the “why” behind your message. 

    I prefer using the term “value proposition” instead of “pitch” when it comes to cold emails, because I think it better describes what this part is all about - offering value to your prospects.

    When you’re writing a value proposition for your cold email, you need to be subtle. Why? Because cold email is about starting a valuable business relationship that (hopefully) ends in sales - which doesn’t mean you should be selling in the very first message.

    If you’re too salesy, too pushy, it will scare your prospects off.

    Instead, provide them value. Show you really care about helping them. Find out what problems they’re having that you can help them solve, and show them how you can solve them. This way, you’ll be slowly warming up your cold leads.

    Also, when talking about your value proposition, steer away from listing product features. Turn it around and focus on the benefits they’d be getting if they choose to use your product. 

    Instead of a list of features, create a story that will resonate with them. It’s important to remember that our prospects will see only what we tell them, they won’t build their own story around our product.

    And while you’re designing your pitch, remember to write about benefits specific to that prospect group - or even better, to that specific prospect - not just general benefits like “it can help you streamline your workflow”.

    This might seem tricky at first, but if you know who you’re writing to and you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll get the hang of it.

  • 2 min

    See how to craft your value proposition, aka pitch, to get a “Yes!”.