Cold email course

  • 1.2 Set up a separate email account on a separate domain
  • The first thing you need to do is set up a separate email account that you’re going to use only for outbound campaigns. Don’t use your main business email account.


    There are two reasons.

    The first one is to protect your company domain. You need to make sure your domain never gets blacklisted, otherwise your emails will stop being delivered. 

    When you’re doing outbound, you need to expect you’re going to make some mistakes that might send your emails to spam. Testing is a crucial part of the process, and while you’re testing you probably will mess up a bit from time to time. Even if you do your best to create a highly valuable, highly personalized email, there’s always a chance that someone marks it as spam without even reading it.

    Setting up a separate domain keeps your main company domain safe, and gives you a free hand to test as much as you want.

    The other reason is a very practical one - convenience.

    When you have all of your outbound replies in one place, it makes it really easy to handle them. You know all the responses are from your outbound prospects, and you avoid a mess in your inbox.

  • 1 min

    Learn what are the two reasons you should use a separate domain & email account for outbound outreach.