Cold email course

  • 2.2 Step #1 Define your ICP
  • The question you should be asking yourself at the very beginning, before you start building your prospect list, is “Who is my client?”

    If your answer is “Well, anyone who’s willing to pay me”, well… this isn’t the best approach.

    The thing is, people won’t just show up out of the blue and buy - you have to reach them in some way, and how can you reach them if you don’t know who you’re looking for?

    That’s why you need to define your ICP.

    You can use e.g. Lincoln Murphy’s framework, which we’ve described in a blog post - you can find it in the Resources below.

    Who that person is, depends on the specifics of your business.

    So take a step back and look at your product and who your ideal customer really is.

    And it doesn’t matter if you’ve already done it a year or two ago - rework the ICP. Is that ideal customer persona still the same or did it change?

    In fact, you should be constantly verifying it.

    So be sure not to neglect this step, ‘cause it’s a very important one.

    When you have your ICP created or revised, it’s time for step #2: search for prospects.

  • 2 min

    See why it’s crucial to define (or redefine) your ICP and how to do it.