Cold email course

  • 5.2 Introduction to A/B tests
  • The idea of A/B tests, also called split tests, is to prepare versions A and B (or more!) of your email. Those versions should differ in only one element, such as an email title or call-to-action, and be sent to identical, in terms of quality and quantity, groups of prospects. 

    If you do it manually, first take your prospect list and split it in half. For reliable results, make sure they’re homogenous so they both consist only of web developers and not web developers and mobile app developers combined. Send email version A to one half, and version B to the other, then analyze your stats and choose a winner. 

    If you use Woodpecker - the algorithm will do the job for you. You simply add another version, or versions of your email and start the campaign. After some time you check the results - the tool tells you which one turned out to be the winner. 

    It’s crucial not to test everything at once - choose one element depending on what your goal is. 

    Next, we’ll discuss what elements you should experiment with to gain specific outcomes.

  • 1 min

    Learn how to A/B test your emails and follow-ups in Woodpecker.