Cold email course

  • 3.4 Introduction
  • Starting a cold email might just be the most difficult part of the writing process.

    The most common mistake is to start your email with a ramble on what your company does and how great it is.

    People don’t care. They don’t care how great your company is unless you can help them ease a pain or double their revenue. So, just as with the subject line, you should be focusing on your addressees.

    Write about their work, company, expertise or achievements. That’s how you catch their attention.

    You may compliment them, but don’t go overboard with this. Trust me, people can feel when flattery is not genuine.

    Another way to go is to ask them about their problems or - even better - talk about the ones that you’ve noticed they have and that you can help them with.

    The bottom line is, your introduction should show people that you’ve chosen to contact them specifically, and that there’s a good reason behind you sending them the message, and that this reason isn’t “I want to sell them my product or service”.

    This part will either make your prospects keep reading, or ditch your email. So grab their attention by proving you’ve done your homework.

  • 1 min

    In this section you’ll find out how to start a cold email to catch your prospects’ attention and make them want to read on.