Cold email course

  • 4.1 Why are follow-ups important in outbound sales?
  • Do you know how many sales opportunities you may lose just because you don’t follow-up with your contacts? Even up to 22%. 

    That’s how much difference one extra email can make.  

    The truth is, your prospect’s inbox is flooded with emails every day. An average person receives around 120 emails per day. Business executives and decision makers get way more than that. So no wonder that they may simply miss your message. Or forget to reply. Or perhaps they need a few more touch points to get engaged. 

    Hard to tell, but you shouldn’t assume they are not interested in the first place. Sometimes you have to knock on the door more than once to be heard, and the same goes for cold emails.

    But how many times should you follow-up to get optimal results? And what to write in a follow-up email to get a response? Find out in the next sections of this lesson.

  • 1 min

    Are you hesitating whether to follow-up or not? Here’s why you should forget about your doubts and always follow-up after no response.