Cold email course

  • 2.6 Step #5 Find email addresses
  • Great news - this step is the easiest one :)

    What you need is a prospecting tool that will help you get the email addresses that you need to get in touch with your potential customers.

    Some examples of these are Leadfuze, Hunter, Uplead or Leadpresso.

    There are many factors you need to take into account when you’re choosing a prospecting tool for your sales team (like its price and how easy it is to use), but make sure to also check if it has an integration with your email automation tool. 

    It’s best if it’s a native integration. Sure, you can sync the apps via e.g. Zapier, but it’s much easier to check it beforehand and choose a prospecting tool that integrates with your email tool natively. This makes importing the data in-between apps super easy. 

    For example, this is what it looks like when you’re importing your list from [tool name] into Woodpecker.

    See? A piece of cake.

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    Step #5 is the easiest one. See what to consider when choosing a prospecting tool.