Cold email course

  • 3.8 Personalization
  • Personalizing your cold emails will bring you more replies. There are two reasons behind it:

    • when people see that you’ve carefully chosen to contact them and that you took your time to get to know who you’re writing to, they’ll be far more likely to write back
    • the more personalization you have within your campaigns, the better your deliverability rate

    When it comes to the human aspect, the more relevant your email copy is to your prospects, the more likely they’re going to respond.

    We’ve all become immune to generic, all-to-one emails, that’s why personalization is a key aspect of your cold email outreach.

    You can scale that personal approach by choosing an email automation tool that allows for advanced personalization, e.g. adding many custom fields or dividing your campaign into two paths, based on how the prospect engaged with your previous email.

    And as for the deliverability aspect of personalization, the more diversified content within a campaign you have, the better your deliverability gets. 

    Why? Spammers send the same message to thousands of people. By making your email copy different from email to email, you bring down the risk of being mistaken for a spammer.

  • 2 min

    Do you personalize your emails? Learn why it’s crucial and how to do it to get more positive replies to your messages.