Cold email course

  • 2.4 Step #3 Start planning your email copy
  • Good, you’ve found your prospects! 

    At this point, you want to start thinking about your email copy. You don’t have to prepare a version that’s ready to use; a draft will do. You only need to know what information you’re going to be looking for so you can then put them in your custom fields.

    The key to effective cold email outreach is a personal approach, so your prospects feel and know that there’s a human on the other end of that communication. So keep an eye out for any information that can help you personalize your messages and make them stand out from the generic, one-to-all emails.

    You can mention e.g. a piece of content they created that you’ve recently stumbled across or a comment they made on a social platform. You can find more ideas in the blog post we’ve linked in the Resources below.

    Only when a prospect feels that your message was written specifically to them, they might respond and be willing to keep up the conversation.

    In the next section, you will find out more on writing the email but for now let’s move on to collecting your prospects’ data.

    This is where the planning part of prospecting ends, and the real list building starts.

  • 2 min

    Think ahead and start planning your email copy when you’re prospecting - here are some ideas on what pieces of information you can use.